No contact for 7 months

October 3, 2011

I have been contacted by the c s a after 7 months of working. I was first contacted by the CSA in April 11 and was at work so i gave them an alternative time and date to contact me, I waited for the phone call which never came . I was contacted on 24th sept 11 to be told it was my responsibility to contact them and that i owe 7 months worth of arrears to them and they will be taking £80.00 a week out of my wages to pay for my children who I’m not allowed to see and that will include what you owe us as well.

I explained i have two children and a wife to support and was told this would not make any difference and they only allow 20% of my wages for my children who live with me. I take home less than £850.00 a month .

Can any one tell me my rights and how I’m supposed to give them £320.00 a month with out suffering at home as I’ve been told by them i cant leave my job or they will prosecute me. can any one help please.


  • anthony stanley says:

    They cannot prosocute you for leaving your job.
    and if they can how you going to pay as you will be on benefits.
    i have just put up with them for ten years thank god its finished.
    i still owe them £800 but thats wrong tried to explain what was
    wrong but did not listen and wanted ex to confirm.
    but she is just a money grabbing C***t.
    has never worked in her life and took everthing in divorce.
    the day she dies will be the day i can rest.
    sorry to all the genuine women but there are some that just let
    the side down.
    the csa are there to destroy peoples lives.

  • Mark h says:

    Its not 7months I havent seen my kids , its 7 years and they now want csa ? Hows that work? She moves when I find out where she is and wont let me see them , why should I pay. Ive moved on and have 2 boys now and ive also got married 6 years ago , so what am I doing wrong ?

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