No answers from CSA, but payments keep increasing

January 4, 2012

I have 3 children 2 of which are with my ex wife. I have always paid my child support and upon having a new case with my ex wife this was all rolled in to one. However, the CSA have told me since jan 2011 that i owe almost 3000 on my exsisting case for my oldest child.

I have never had this in writing and i have been asking for an account breakdown for almost 12 months. The CSA kept telling me they could do nothing until my case was allocated a case worker. Because of this they have been taking arrears from me as well as the usual payments. I find this really frustrating as i know that i dont owe any arrears.

Just recently i made a complaint regarding this which i still havnt had answers to and its been almost 5 weeks! The only thing they have informed me of is the new schedule for 2012. This continues to show i am paying arrears but now i have to pay an extra £122 on top of my exsisting payments. Every time i try and contact the agency i am passed on all the time and no one seems to know what to do about my case. i have found this really stressful and it has had an impact on my life to a point where i have felt suicidle because the CSA are in my eyes bullying. Ive never had a disagreement over my ongoing payments only these arrears.

I have saved every letter from the agency since 2002 and if anything the agency owe me.


  • joanne says:

    You need to write to your mp asap, they clearly are breaking the freedom of information act by not giving you a breakdown….they are doing this to us too. Also write in saying you cannot afford these ridiculous payments and its leaving you destitute, its breaking your human rights for a quality of life which clearly they are breaking, throw this at them and also contact ice, if nothing is sorted you will have no alternative but to go unemployed and this helps no one….you are not alone, csa seem to be doing this to many nrps on a paye system, got to make up the billions somewhere that they have lost. if you have Facebook join us against the csa and its corruptions, great advice on there from guys going through the same ordeal and we can help you a whole lot better. Start fighting back, I was always told to stand up to bullies. Good luck.

  • James says:

    I have arrears of £2000 and are in the same boat as you but have one of my children living with me, these people on here can give you great advice and help they have done with me. I wouldnt known where i would have been now if it wasnt for the people on here, thanks guys.


  • Lucy says:

    There is always an alternative depending on your relationship with your ex. Visit the OPTIONS website which details alternative arrangements other than the csa.

  • chall says:

    Hi Peter,

    After reading your post it appears your 1st case is old rules (opened before 2003) & your 2nd case is new rules (opened after 03/03/03), in which case you will be subjected to ‘Phasing’ , the maximum period of phasing is five years.

    You clearly need to know how the figures the agency have calculated have come about, under the circumstances I would apply for my Data Protection File and ask for ALL the info they hold on me, along with an account breakdown.
    Although it costs £10, once in receipt of such you should be able to spot any errors made, question decisions and be in a better position to fight your corner.

    It certainly IS NOT advisable to inform the agency that you will ‘go unemployed’. Legislation provides the agency with powers to allow a maintenance calculation to stand, if they can show a non resident parent has become unemployed to cease paying maintenance.
    Furthermore, if there are arrears on your case the agency can still continue with enforcement action, whether a NRP is in employment or not.

    Try an keep your communications with the agency in writing, keep copies of everything and send it signed for post. If you need to ring them, keep a note of names, dates & times and follow your conversation up with a letter OR an email.

    During CSA involvement, have either of the parents with care been on benefits prior to April 2010?

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