No access to my child and ex partner bringing my son to the cleaners

October 15, 2011

I am writing on behalf of my son who lives in London and his ex girlfriend lives in Stirling, he is extremely stressed by his ex partner’s behaviour she is looking for money constantly from him and she does not want him to see his son. He has received an order from the Scottish CSA to pay £100 pw for child support. After my son lost his job he had to retrain as a fitness instructor, he is only beginning to get his business off the ground,so at present he is not in a position to pay that much to her. She has blackened the little boys’ mind about his father and she has tried to break up his relationship and attempted to destroy his career and family relationships.

I know my son loves his son and he would do anything to have him in his life. It is almost a year since father and son saw each other and the child is also missing out on a loving family network in Ireland. Please can you advise my son and hopefully help fight his corner with him. I would love to have my grandson in my life.

This girl has got away with harassing my family, my son and his girlfriend for over nine years now, I don’t want this to continue any more, enough is enough, this girl needs a wake up call. I raised my son alone with no contribution from his father, my boy knows his father and does not hold a grudge against him. It seems so unfair that a lovely young lad who grew up without his dad around and very little material things, is now suffering and being punished when he wants to do all the right things by his own child.

I hope to receive a reply and get him some help.

Yours faithfully,

A very worried mother
Frances Byrne


  • Bob says:

    tell your son to post a msg on

  • Peter says:

    I am in a similar position as your son, all the CSA are interested in is the money. I left my ex because she was violent. I’m left paying money she owed, extortionate CSA payments and she will not let me see the child. the CSA response is ‘get a solicitor’. The CSA should have the power to keep payments back from parents (mothers mainly) who put barriers in place to keep the fathers away. I don’t have a problem paying, i have a problem with constant abuse, emotional blackmail and no-contact. people complain about fathers for justice.. i say good on them for making themselves heard.

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