No access to daughter, do I still need to pay Child Support Agency?

August 1, 2011

Ok, Looking at this objectively, If you as a father are paying matinince for your child, that dosen’t automaticaly entitle you to access.

Unfortunatly there are some self absorbed puppets out there who only care about hurting their Ex and keeping the money in thier pockets.

If a Dad see’s the kids then spends all his time with them slagging their mum off and her partner. Then sends them back a little warped wouldn’t you stop access? I bloody would!

As for makeing payment, The kids live under a parents rules just cose your reltaionship has broken down dosent mean you dont have to take “RESPONSABILITITY” for your actions. I make a baby support it for the rest of it’s life.

My girlfrend has 4 kids all of whome are great, She works part time to support them. The Idiot father thinks it big of him to brag on FB and belittle her work. Until reacently he has told her she is not geting a penny from him, “not that he ever did Pay anything! She tried to reach an amicable agreement and got told to F#.’# off!

So she went to CSA and now he has to pay. She dosent want to stop him from seeing the kids but beacuse he is a moron and slags us off to the kids, she has too. His behvior and attitude towards us both is actualy makeing his kids hate him.

That’s one thing we dont do is slag him off to the kids, When they start doing it about him, I’m the first to pull them up, with “you only have one dad and he dose love you, He’s just hurting and needs to sort himself out.

This muppet makes all kinds of Demands…. as in I’m takeing them this time this place ect and that is not fair on my girlf, She should also have a say. He also see’s it fit to stick his nose in our relationship. We dont do it to him whith his new woman and her kids,. Finaly there has been no let up and she recently lost a parent.. so he should go play with traffic!

If your not prepard to look after the life you help create regardless of contact. Then you don’t deserve to have dick!

Love A Real Man!


  • sage says:

    If your such a man and you want to stop access to the childerns REAL father you pay for them and be a REAL Man. you just want to spend his money like a ponce.

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