New payment rate from CSA is less than I offered my ex direct!

February 27, 2013

I have always paid my child maintenance payments to my ex at an agreed rate.

I got re married and had another child.

I fell on hard times and had a period of unemployment and my debts got out of control and have ended up in serious financial peril, but, i did get a new job and started at the end of 2011. The CSA then got involved when my ex decided that she wanted more money! They contacted me and then my employer and then told her what she should receive, as this was an amount i couldnt afford because of the debts i was paying she then told the CSA to take action! I received a letter on the 5th February 2013 to tell me that i had acrude and arrears and that they had tried to contact me via my mobile phone number (which they had down wrong) so when i got paid yesterday 22nd February 2013 i found my paycheque to be £970.31 less than normal!This was going to be the case for the next 3 months!

I have just got of the phone to the CSA and found out that they had my phone number down wrong and that they hadn’t taken my 7 year old child into consideration and that i should have been able to set the disputed arrears amount myself! I am waiting for a call back monday morning to see if i can get any of the £970.31 back and hope that it changes in the future.

The irony is that i have now been told that my new payment rate is going to be less than what i offered my ex! Oh how revenge is sweet from a distance!


  • Alice says:

    If the agency have been unable to contact you – in this case due to an incorrect mobile number being on their system – they will most likely have issued the DEO at the max 40% rate – if this is what they have done then you should be able to re-negotiate the amount that is being collected for the arrears.

    With regards to your 7yr old not being accounted for in the calculation – had you previously advised the agency of your son? If you have and the new RM assessment does not include the Relevant Other Child allowance the assessment will have to be revised.

  • wilf says:

    NRP gets payment reduction from the CSA.
    No comment from the usual vitriolic tribe on this site.
    Seems the CSA is not the only biased body.

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