New CSA Advice Forum

April 15, 2008

A fairer CSA for all‘ is a new forum dedicated to offering advice with dealing with the Child Support Agency. It’s not that busy at the moment but I’d imagine it will pick up fairly quickly.

There’s an even a special room for non resident parents to moan.

We’ll be launching our own forum here on before too long. More on that when we have news for you.


19 Responses to “New CSA Advice Forum”

  1. PWC on April 19th, 2008 6:19 pm

    The new “fairer for all” forum is run by someone who has treated PWC disguestingly in another forum calling one a bitch for asking what she could do when the NRP reduced his income in half, she professes to be a PWC herself and so unbiased, she infact does not use the CSA as a PWC, she is a NRPP she hersself left her husband and so did not go through the CSA because of that guilt, this forum is no better than the early days of F4J, no PWC should use or support it.

  2. Chloe on April 21st, 2008 2:28 pm

    Could I just respond to the above comment as the accussed.

    Firstly can I say we have many PWC members who ARE treat with respect. The forum is in no way bias one way or the other.

    This comment was obviously wrote by a member Lizzie from another forum, who thinks it is fine to leave NRP’s destiute, and infact finds it funny some are having to sell their homes, due to this current and illegal 2 year rule.

    I believe both parents should support the child, as she kindly quotes my case, my ex does not pay CS, but pays into bank accts for university, it worked for us.

    I am a NRPP, but not under any CS pressure, therefore no axe to grind. The website was set up simply cos there was demand for it.

    The website is 8 days old and has approx 80 members, and 800 posts, it is obviously working for some.

    Just a footnote to this…….. The PWC or her friend is currently in reciept of £300per month CS from the NRP for 1 child, though that is not enough she wants £700.

    The 2 her and her friend gang up on people on the other forum, and so was told she was not welcome on ours, as we will NOT tolerate bullying. I guess this is a case of sour grapes

    I would ask everybody to visit the site before making an assumption based on this posters view, you will be given a warm welcome assured,

  3. PWC on April 21st, 2008 10:08 pm

    No actually, i have never posted on the other forum however i have been reading you comments, and I find you very biased and argumentative and a great bully to almost every PWC that goes onto the site, it your message above you even veer towards NRP biase “There’s an even a special room for non resident parents to moan” now tell me, you dont see biase in that ? you talk about gangs and yet you are the foremost leader of a gang of NRPP , frankly a lot of people are wondering why NASCA are associating with you, gives a bad opinion of that organisation by associated with the likes of you. please have the forum by all means but call it by a name that properly descibes it.

  4. lee on April 21st, 2008 11:12 pm

    if it wasn’t for a fairercsa forum i’d be dead now!!!. thats all i have to say realy!.
    no one else cared what the csa were doing to me or the pressure they were putting me under for no apparent reason. it was unbearable stress, now its just stress. i was alone and these people cared and gave some excellent advice and encouragement. they also showed me that i wasn’t the only one being threatened by the csa in this way and that i wasn’t alone. they could explain what was going on because they had at least taken the time to note other peoples situations and use that to try and help others. they were not just interested in their own problems!!!. the csa wern’t even explaining things. they just told me i’m doomed all the time basically. i had nowhere to turn to. chloe was in fact 1 of the first and main ones to jump to my screams for help when i found them. i may have a light at the end of this csa tunel at the moment after a long fight and its 50% my m.p. and 50% these understanding people that are getting me through this and have gave me the strength to not just curl up and die. without them i would never even had the strength to try and help myself and probably wouldn’t even be here now. that is the gods honest truth!!!

  5. PWC on April 22nd, 2008 11:14 am

    just a foot note “The PWC or her friend is currently in reciept of £300per month CS from the NRP for 1 child, though that is not enough she wants £700

    is it your place to judge ?.

    the PWC concerned has a severly disabled child, the father was orginally assessed at paying £700, he has reduced his income by around 40% i believe , the PWC came onto a site she belived to be impartial to ask advice,you were vicious and nasty in your replies, your attitude towards this particular PWC coming over loud and clear in your reply above, you are biased towards NRP, so why set up a web site that is advertised as “fair for all” certaintly not doing what it says on the tin !!!

  6. chall1964 on April 24th, 2008 10:02 pm

    Hi everybody

    I am jointly responsible for ‘afairercsaforall’ , along with chloe. The two of us have worked our socks off, to create an unbiased support website, as the pair of us truely believe the CSA fail both PWC, NRP and the children involved.
    We have a good mix of PWC and NRP who are already members.

    I am a PWC who receives no financial support towards my child, my NRP plays the system like a fiddle, I am also a NRPP, who’s partner is the victim of CSA errors and maladministration, his PWC blocks contact to his children – both sets of circumstances bring along their own set sof problems, which I can fully understand from either direction.

    It is such a shame, that an individual is willing to post and be so arguementative and damning – I suppose we expected it to a certain degree, we exist and aim to support ALL of those that the CSA disgracefully fail – quite obviously our very existance and motives will displease some…..

    Please take up chloes offer, come and take a look you are more than welcome. x


    If you are willing to give the BBC your case study for research on a programme, can you please call Chloe Brown at the BBC on 0208 752 6626.

    You have to phone her by midday tomorrow 25th April. That is her deadline.

    She needs a clear cut case of arrears where payments have been made consistently.

    Please help her if you can.

  7. PWC on April 25th, 2008 12:28 am

    hmm lee they gave you all that help in the few days its been up and running ? wow i am impressed,.. ermmm i dont suppose you are a NRP are you ?? ,,silly question, i know but as its their attitude towards PWC thats in question, im not surprised a NRP had popped up to support them, .. lets wait for a PWC, shall we.

  8. Chloe on April 25th, 2008 9:00 am

    Right lets get one or two things clear here……….

    This site is here for advice, not for anyone to use it to bad mouth another, so I shall refrain from your playground games……………..

    We have NRP room, a NRPP and guess what a PWC room. These rooms have been there from the onset…………

    It was a PWC who approached this site, to create this link, i thank her for it, but tell me why would any PWC want to advertise the site

    All peeps are welcome, but we would not tolerate the bullying and ganging up. …..

    This site has been created to help people caught in the CSA hell of it all. Please respect the owner, by not using his hard work to air your personal snipes…….

    Thank You

  9. PWC on April 25th, 2008 5:31 pm

    hmm that would be a PWC , who is formost a NRPP. like youself and Pippa, and whoses symapthys lie with the NRP, admit sue, you are biased.

  10. pwc on April 25th, 2008 5:53 pm

    I am a member of the fairer site. I am a pwc. I have found the site a source of help and information. I dont think it biased. Thankyou.

  11. PWC on April 25th, 2008 5:56 pm

    yes his site has no hint of bias and he also has launched his won forum

    i would advice “peeps” to use that one rather than the NRPP run one.

  12. PWC on April 26th, 2008 7:05 pm

    ahh use same name but lower case, clever things these NRPP’s . if you look on the other forum that these NRPP’s frequent you will see how biased she is, she told a PWC that mothers have no right to seek support from the father they should just “move on” now is that trying to help them seek a fair and just result ?

  13. mykidscash on April 27th, 2008 6:12 pm

    As a PWC who is a member of the site in question, (under a different username to the one I use here, and on parents centre) – I have the right to voice my say. The site has been no use to me whatsoever. It’s been no real use to anyone, be it NRP NRPP or PWC.

    That’s because the site has only just started, give it a chance to get off the ground. I’m sure as it grows, it will be an invaluable source of support from both ends. Fact is, Chloe could have done what another member of the otherside did and open a site purely for NRPs/NRPPs. She didn’t. She opened a site for both sides, as she realises that it takes a united front to fight it. ONLY a PWC know’s a PWC’s view and vice versa for NRP’s/NRPP’s. Just because she opened a site for both sides, doesn’t mean she has to support a PWC – that’s why it’s an open site, to take support from each other as members. Chloe recognises that PWC have a rough ride too, but yes she gets frustrated at times when a PWC seems to be taking the buscuit and it is easy to get it wrong. How often have we been wrong in the assumption that all NRP’s are like our ex’s – deadbeats who don’t give a damn? Pretty damn often from my end, and though I realise not all NRP’s are like that, I occasionally slip up, as has Chloe. It’s not unsupportive, it’s human bloody nature to get things wrong.

    I am a single parent with care, I have no NRP living with me and am therefore no NRPP, my boyfriend who does not live with me has no children so I don’t get it from that end either. Not that I have to justify myself to anyone on here. Just putting the point across that I have no real involvement with any NRP, but I do see what they go through.

    I don’t believe for one minute NRP’s have it worse than PWC. But neither do I believe that PWC all have it worse than NRP’s either. Some caseworkers seem to pick who they choose to favour, and lets face it the only cases we are truely interested in are our own – that is the sole reason we join these forums, to gain support and advice to help our cases.

    The only negatives I can truely see in the site is that all moderator privelages happen to be NRPP’s as well as PWC. Perhaps if there were more mods who were sole PWC or sole NRP/NRPP’s, this would give a more balanced view of the site, more people would be comfortable in posting/joining. (Note to Chloe: don’t ask me, no interest in being a mod lol, but think it would be a better site if there were more balanced mods) I also note that there is a NRP room, NRPP room and a PWC room. What happened to having a PWCP room? They are part of the CSA fiasco too. This is a new site, it is still in the early days.

    Unless you frequent there and see exactly what they are doing and how they are making it better, you have no real cause to comment other than to criticise someone’s hardworking efforts just because you have a personal feud going on with them on another site.

    Grow up, you’re worse than the kids involved with the CSA.

  14. Chloe on April 27th, 2008 7:53 pm

    Can I just give a public apology in naming Lizzie as the culprit, a little more investigation and it turns out she too was a victim. The PWC posting on this site is Debbi and her friend kibex. Now girls if you want to keep on arguing lets take it off this site thank you.

    This site is to give genuine advice to genuine people in need, not a place to have personal vendettas

  15. Michael on April 28th, 2008 8:53 am

    Hey, if everyone’s upset over the type of content on that forum, you can use the one on this site instead. It’s just been setup so doesn’t have any arguments in it (albeit yet).

    If you have a username on this site you can log straight in.

    Try our CSA forum here:

  16. PWC on April 28th, 2008 9:55 am

    Thanks Michael, i would agree with your sentiments, its a shame that chole cannot take constructive critism and work with it, instead she hits back with verbal abuse , i have been watching the parentscentre forum and note whats going on in there, i would like to tell chole that she has got it all so wrong, im neither of the people she is naming both via unsubtle hints in PF and in public on her own forum, im also not “iamnotpaying” it seems the list of people she has abused is long, it will interesting to see if she listens to her own forum members and takes on board their comments about it being run solely by NRPP;s , yes she does get it wrong but the problem is she will never agree to that comment, a simple apology now and then for her rants at PWC who post would be a start, maybe with the advent of this new forum of hers she has changed but i very much doubt it, she needs to prove to people that she is unbiased and is working towards uniting PWC & NRP against the CSA, and while she works towards gaining peoples respect she has to be aware that people are waiting and expecting her to revert to her usual attitude to PWC, she has to earn that respect, not demand it !, i as the name implies am a PWC, i had problems with the NRP and posted a long time ago and was the victim of her backlash, I now use the forum for other matters but watch her comments, and feel sorry for the PWC’s that she has attacked. hence my post.

    chole, prove to everyone im wrong, and i will be happy.

  17. Chloe on May 19th, 2008 7:35 pm

    Hi guy’s just a quick update the forum is now quite busy 130plus members. You will be pleased to know our moderators now consist of 1 NRP, 1 PWC and 3 NRPP and PWC. NACSA Chair has moerator status on NACSA related forums. Thanx for your support

  18. chall1964 on June 22nd, 2008 4:22 pm

    *****Red Letter Day*****02 July 2008*****

    Hi Everybody,

    Our site is now 11 weeks old, we have in that time been busy helping, NRP, PWC and NRPP, with the CSA.

    As a group, we have decided the time is right to begin our first stage of action.

    With the kind help of the friends and members of ‘afairercsaforall’, we have prepared a letter for anybody wishing to take part in the *Red Letter Campaign*.
    on 02 July 2008.

    Hopefully, all those parents who have issues with the CSA will unite for a common cause and join us.

    I would like to say a big thankyou to everybody for their involvement with the site.

    Chloe and I, would appreciate feed back and ideas from ALL parents, feel free to pm either of us on the fairer site.
    Please remember that unless you use your voice it cannot be heard. Be involved and lets go forward together.

  19. Dave on October 9th, 2008 11:09 pm

    I have been a member of the aforementioned forum now for little over a week. In that time I have found it to be fair and not biased in any way. I was so impressed with them and their attitude that I am now helping them set up a main site. I believe if any group is going to make change its us. Therefore anyone else who is also dedicated to this goal, I would urge you to join us.

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