Never phone the CSA, always write to them

July 5, 2012

Everyone who is fighting with the C.S.A. Do yourselves the favour:

Don’t ring the Child Support Agency, if you do, ask for an exact TRANSCRIPT of your telephone recording and quote “Under any section and part, past, present, reviewed or progressing the Data Protection Act and Freedom of Information Act” I am legally entitled to obtain a copy of this transcript telephone conversation and I insist it must be an ACTUAL recording not just a note stating I had called” If you receive a phone call from the C.S.A. ;or I.C.E. – Independant Case Examiners are biased towards the C.S.A. too) do not speak to either of them. SEND LETTERS and do not send in their envelopes they will claim they HAVE NOT RECEIVED THEM unless you have them sent REGISTERED POST and always keep a copy of every single letter you send and receive.

You are of course entitled to apply Article 6 of the Human Rights Act ” A right to a fair hearing in civil and criminal cases” this includes obtaining copies of all evidence, whether transmitted ;or documentation.

Not forgetting the Freedom of Information Act applies too. DO NOT MAKE PHONE CALLS TO THE C.S.A. your already paying to see your own kids;or fighting for them.

Use Article 1, Protocol 1 (possessions) and note that Children are “possessions” of both parents. You could also apply that Article 8 Right to a Private and Family Life Human Rights Act 1998 are still in force.


  • Sally says:

    Have a look at this.. it was found by one of the ladies who are in the same situation as the rest of us…. please forward this on….

  • KMcQ80 says:

    Totally agree!
    Never deal with the CSA by telephone only in writing.
    Keep copies of all replies and letters received in date order.
    This will be useful if you wish to make a complaint or there is a court case.

  • Anthony Tovey says:

    Whilst everyone may not agree with my initial thoughts about my Daughter and myself, this is not really relevant. I’m like everyone on this site who are either against the C.S.A. ;or the other parent/s who chose to make our lives utter hell. We could all rant and rave like I have, but in the long run we have to establish who is wrong in taking money for kids that ought not to be born by entrapment ;or where parents are not only fighting to see their kids but fighting with governmental legislation too. I do not pay as much as others on here and I would be furious with the way some of you have been treated by your ex partners, C.S.A. and certainly with the lack of support from M.P’s, M.E.P.’s too. While some of you have grasped my idea of writing letters to the C.S.A., maybe you may wish to send them an email too which you can also keep a copy of all correspondence sent to them including the Independent Case Examiners office. DO NOT ACCEPT CALLS FROM EITHER ; or ring either.

    Here is both of their email addresses and it would also pay you to send an EXACT copy of your email to both C.S.A. and I.C.E.. ICE may take a biased attitude with the C.S.A. so try and find a solicitor who may accept emailed messages too.

    CSA ; Independent Case Examiner

    If you know of your MP’s email and other MP’s email addresses send them a copy of your email too. If you are prevented from sending any emails, open up another email address, COPY AND PASTE their email address and send again.

    If you use this email address above, it saves you POSTAGE . They will suggest you have to send a HARD COPY (to be sent on A4 paper) remind both Agencies we live in a “modern day technological society (computers) and if they accept emails from others, then they must accept your emails too. DO NOT DELETE YOUR MESSAGES BUT SAVE THEM ONTO 3.5″FLOPPY OR PEN DRIVE (MEMORY STICK) FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. PRINT OF ANY REPLIES ; OR SAVE THEIR REPLIES TOO. IF YOU HAVE A SCANNER, SCAN DOCUMENTS AND FORWARD ONTO SOLICITORS, C.S.A. AND I.C.E.. It will save you bundles in postage especially if sending REGISTERED POST . The C.S.A. would normally send you a SECOND CLASS ENVELOPE – DO NOT USE IT ! They would claim they have not received your documentation. If you do post it, photocopy what you have filled in and keep a copy. You can use this for future reference and for legal purposes. You are legally entitled to obtain any copies you have sent them but you already have your evidence so always keep a copy of everything that has been sent to you including from spouses ; or ex partners. If you have sent birthday / Xmas cards to your kids, PHOTOCOPY THEM so this can be used as evidence too. The C.S.A. claimed they held a THREE page interview with me, this did not exist. I asked many times for such a copy and still no reply. Finally, good luck to everyone past, present and dare I say future sufferers of this wicked and evil system.

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