Never paid child support for my two children

June 18, 2012

I have never paid child support. In turn i have not seen my children yes boy and girl since we split some 16 years ago my son is now 17.

Today i received a letter for the very first time of the csa saying my liability to pay child maintenance is no longer in force. This is the very first letter i have ever got of the csa.

It says the reason why the application is no longer in force is because the party told us they no longer want the case to continue.

Now having never ever received a letter for either child im left confused and slightly panicked. Baring this is for my youngest having never had one for my daughter at all who is now 21.

Now why after 16 years do i get this just for the one surely i should have got one for my daughter.

Now it states that although regular payments no longer need to be made (never ever made any )they will see if i owe any arrears ,well 16 years worth i would say.

Now this is my first ever letter after not clapping an eye on my kids in all this time.

The question is where does that leave me can they come at me and say you owe 16 years worth of maintenance i really do not know and now im at my wits end. The fact i have no idea where my kids are and another thing my son is in my surname in the letter but goes with her name and has done since the split he is not known as my surname.

As i was made aware my partner did not want me in my kids lives and never made an application through guilt of her actions during our relationship ,but obviously she did and having never received one for my daughter why have i suddenly got this one please someone give me some good advice.


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  1. chall on June 19th, 2012 9:06 am


    Your right to be concerned…

    The effective date for a case to commence is once the agency have made contact with the non resident parent. You really need to establish when and how the agency consider they have done this.

    You could apply for your Data Protection file and a complete account breakdown, the agency have 40 days to supply such and there is a fee of £10. This should supply you with all the info the agency hold on you.
    If you apply for it asap, you will hopefully be in a position if/when they do come back to you with any arrears balance to be able to correctly state your case.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  2. Terry norris on June 19th, 2012 3:00 pm

    Jesus…if you have never payed a penny? They will come after you and with no mercy,your arrears will be a mountain to climb I suspect and they will threaten you with all kinds of shit if you don’t pay up…including forcing you to sell your home…just warning you of the fall out you gonna get if they di decide you owe them money.what you have to remember is these bastards will rob you of every penny it can.the csa destroy fathers and are hell bent on ensuring the the father has no future life once it sinks it’s claws into you.its an organisation disguised as apparently being there to provide welfare for the kids….total bollocks…because it would therefore ensure it brings parents together and give them help and support in solving their own problems…instead it’s prepared to put a father on the street after making him penniless…so where does that leave a father and child relationship ?
    It’s another way of screwing the hard working caring fathers by taxing them’s a rob Peter to pay Paul system where the treasury hands out cash to layabouts and single mums who drop different kids by different fathers in order to get free housing and bags loads of free cash in benefits every week .and mugs like us pay for them …they hand it out to them in one hand and rob it back from honest had working dads like me because we are too honest .so good luck…I suspect you gonna need it…oh and by the way.the csa rob from me via a DOE £320 a month for one child whom I rarely see and was taken away from her dad after her mother left me for a guy she was cyberwhoring with lol…rich ain’t it….the woman shits on the dad,takes his kid and he has to pay for the priviledge and so I’m supplementing her household and her and her partners income as well as trying to keep my own head above the water.another thing.the csa don’t base their sums on what you can don’t take outgoings,credit card dept,mortgage, etc into consideration at all….no no ,,it’s 15% of your net income…period no they don’t base it on my ability to pay what I can afford.BUT if the ex meets a new partner and brings in extra cash …..I still got to pay her the full wrack…how the fuck is that fair?? If he is supplementing her income why is the csa I’m forced to pay adjusted a little in my…call me old fashioned but if a man takes your wife and kids because he wants them so badly…then he should fucking look after them the same way I had to look after them…why the fuck should I have to pay any more..and what chance of me having a new relashionship and poss new family when I’m robbed of so much money each month and all none of my fault..

  3. leythdaz on June 19th, 2012 7:09 pm

    No i have never paid anything because i have never ever been contacted at all so i cant pay what i have not been told to pay.
    I never even knew there was a case against me as i was under the impression my ex had not pushed it because she wanted me totally out the picture.
    I have still not been told to pay anything i have just been told i am no longer eligible to pay anymore.
    The worrying factor is for myself is there must have been a case and i somewhere along the line will owe thousands ,with my luck its going to happen.
    However i am researching like mad and i will be contacting the CSA Data Protection Dept. A.S.A.P. ,i want to know what letters have been sent and to where as 16 years have gone by and i have had nothing .
    Have i been lost in the system? ,’obviously’ who’s fault is that ? ,certainly not mine .

  4. A decent-woman on June 20th, 2012 4:03 pm

    I would sit tight. Don’t form any sort of contact with them, don’t stir them up. It may just be a standard letter and you may be put back towards the back of their huge filing cabinet. With this new system coming into force at some point, maybe they are tying up any loose ends. As other have mentioned you could ask for your data protection file, but I would just wait, ask for it if they start to pursue you.

    I could be wrong, but let sleeping dogs lie for the time being!

  5. Carol on June 20th, 2012 4:35 pm

    I agree with a decent woman here. Don’t stir anything up at all at this time by contacting them. The more questions you ask the more they may look into things and find you are due maintenance arrears. If you receive further correspondence then deal with it but as they state you are not due anything so leave it just in case.

    Keep the letter you have for future reference.

  6. chall on June 20th, 2012 6:09 pm


    If the agency have a legit case against you and there are arrears, you will be required to pay them regardless.

    Be proactive, at the moment you have time to apply for your DP file (agency have 40 days to furnish you with such, although it often takes longer) and hopefully establish whether there are errors on your case and attend to such.

    ‘sit tight’, ‘leave it just in case’ – not really a good idea.
    You may well find your case has advanced through the enforcement dept and the court, before your in a position to defend yourself.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  7. leythdaz on June 20th, 2012 8:35 pm

    The thing is i never even knew there was a case against me ever as my ex partner told me she wanted nothing but to stay out of her and kids life .
    I have absolutely no idea where they are etc and its obvious at some point she opened a case .
    What i really do not get or understand if the CSA knew of my address etc, why is this the first ever letter (16 years on) i have ever received and this telling me i do not have to pay for my child anymore?.
    I just do not get why this is the first ever letter surely if there was a case they would have contacted me ,why have they not?
    I really do not know what the right thing to do if i apply for my data records from them am i prodding a hornets nest or is it wise to sit tight ,i do know if there are debts i may owe i will have to pay or not if i have grounds to have it squashed as i am aware as in similar circumstances the father has had his debts squashed because of such instances.
    The weight which i am instantly carrying now on my shoulders is immense i am extremely worried …… what to do .

  8. chall on June 20th, 2012 9:00 pm

    Obviously, it’s your decision, but I doubt the worry will ease whilst your waiting for the agency to contact you again…

    It is possible that if the correspondence they sent was not to a confident address, then the case could be cancelled. But if you don’t make the enquiries, you wont know and could be putting yourself through agony for no good reason.

    If you do owe arrears, it will give you chance to go through your file and establish if they are correct and if the arrears are owed to the PWC or the SofS.
    It maybe that a penalty assessment was put into place, with the correct evidence this could possibly be altered to a proper assessment and may reduce the amount they claim you owe.
    You also need to establish if the agency have gained any liability orders for any arrears and when, if so they may be in a position to apply other enforcement action ie, bailiffs, third party order etc.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  9. Carol on June 20th, 2012 9:53 pm

    Maintenance is due from the first contact the Agency has had with you. Even if they did send correspondence to an incorrect address you have to prove them wrong that you never lived there, received correspondence etc.

    As chall and Terry point out if you are due money they will get it, regardless and are underhand in getting it.

    You are stuck been a rock and a hardplace here of what to do for the best but if it is greatly worrying you then request the file. As matters stand just now they have not mentioned arrears. Here is the address to get your file if you need it – Data Protection Unit, Child Support Agency, PO Box 26, Gateshead, NE29 1DB

    Re your file from the DPU Unit, the CSA have 40 working days (monday-friday) to get the file to you, which is almost 2 months. If you do not get it within that timescale you can lodge a formal complaint with the Information Commissioners Office. When I ordered my partners it came through within the 40 working days. Payment can only be made by postal order or once they receive your request (which send recorded delivery) they will contact you for debit/credit card details.

    For future reference all contact with the agency should be by letter and not phone, that way you have a trail for any future problems.

  10. chall on June 20th, 2012 10:24 pm

    Quote; Carol on June 20th, 2012 9:53 pm
    Re your file from the DPU Unit, the CSA have 40 working days (monday-friday) to get the file to youwhich is almost 2 months,

    The above is incorrect.
    Once an organisation receives a DP request it has 40 calendar days to get a copy of your information to you.


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