Need somewhere to live with my baby

December 7, 2011

I have a 7month old baby boy and I am a single mother. At the 30th October I have rented a room in Rainham, Havering Council.

The person who pretended to be a landlord, actually wasn’t. After two weeks I moved in to that property he has left me alone in this house and moved out. He sent me a text saying now it is my responsibility to pay rent for the whole house or to move out. I couldn’t afford rent for a three bedroom house, I contacted the real landlord and she kicked me out the property, I tried to claim emergency accommodation from Havering Council, they kept asking me for many documents, when I brought them all the documents, they told me I can’t get emergency accommodation there, as I lived there only for three weeks and they said I have to apply at Newham council as I used to live there before I moved to Havering.

When the landlord from Havering kicked me out, friends of mine agreed for me stay at their open plan kitchen-living room for few days but ow they want me to move out of here as it is very uncomfortable.

But Newham council is telling me that they have to give me a one month notice to move out, but I haven’t paid any rent or deposit here ad I have no contract and they do not agree to let me stay here for one month. Now I have to move out and have nowhere to go with my baby apart from staying on the streets. Is there any way you could help me with emergency accommodation as I am stressed out as I have no place for my baby to live.

I’ve been told that the CSA can help me to sort everything out with council, as they are not helping me at all and they do not care if my baby will be living on the streets.


  • janet says:

    Your best bet is to go to the cab they will help

  • joanne says:

    Contact shelter they are great for this and will give you great advice, I’m shocked that the council haven’t put you under a homeless assessment or put you contact with shelter? Csa only deal with maintenance, they do not advise on housing etc…good luck

  • Ineta says:

    thank you for your replies. I did try cab, will try again. I am very disapointed with council services, friend of mine have helped me, by leting me stay in their living room for a little while, now council thinks I have where to stay, and they do not if I stay on the streets with my baby. In the begining they were talking about hostel, but after i provided all the documents they di everything to get rid of me. And they say they do their best to help people, but come on, how they can allow a baby stay homeless, its not about me, its about childs health. Look at the weather, how a baby can be staying on the streets?! I believe they should be providing us with emergency accomondation such as hostel and then give a council flat, i don’t mind even if it will be only one bedroom, as soon as my baby has a place to sleep…

  • joanne says:

    Your friend needs to write a letter to the council stating its only for a short while, have you registered your housing needs with the council to get you a band, ie bronze, silver and gold…just keep on and on, please do try shelter as they can advise on any schemes to get you accomadation and to.g council etc on your behalf, really helped me when I was homeless with a baby x

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