Need CSA advice about custody

February 13, 2011

My little girl is 15 months old and my ex partner [we split when she was 3/4 weeks old] has never paid a penny for her, has seen her a hand full of times in her life, has a history of drug abuse, has a criminal record and the day we broke up decided to commit what can only be described as domestic abuse [which is filed in the social worker system].

He has now threaten to take me to court for joint custody [3 and a half days per week] and ill be honest im scared to death ! Im only 20 years old, I work full time, love my daughter to bits and provide everything for her. With this threat now staring me in the face should I be worried ?

Oh and in regards to the CSA they were contacted before he went on JSA [around a year or so ago] but it seems to not have ‘flagged’ on the CSA system he is now getting JSA, I dont mind because to be honestly I dont need his fiver a week but should I even bother pursuing this ?


  • hg says:

    were u ever married?….if not he will have a very tough job getting that much access…..go and see a family solicitor…you will get the first hour free and if you are unemployed or on low income will recieve legal aid….

    if you were not married he wont have any parental rights…dont accept him having parental responsibility…that may stop you being able to move away…he may win this eventually tho if he can prove he is the father.

    jot everything down…save any texts that are abusive as evidence….

    citizens advice can help

    go to your health visitor, they can offer support for domestic violence and child protection issues.

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