Nearly 4yrs since I applied for CSA & still never been sorted

March 18, 2012

Hi my names Kelly, I have a son who is nearly 5yrs old on 30th july 2012, I applied for CSA back in Sept 2008 and its still on going. My sons father has never bought James (my son) anything and has gave me at the most 60pound in nearly 5yrs of our sons life. Ashley (my sons father) has been ordered to pay CSA money by them selves around the beggining of 2011, He has a debt of around 150 – 180pound with CSA and has never paid it, Ashley also works full time monday – friday 9am – 5.30pm and on satuarday 9am – 1pm and has only been ordered to pay 5pound a month which is what somebody on benefits has to pay. I no this as I have spoken to other fathers who are on benefits.

I have also spoken to fathers who work full time on minimum wage and they have been ordered to pay 30pound a WEEK, how is this right i really need some advice and help on this matter.


  • Carol says:

    Go on the CSA calculator site. It does seem odd that he has to pay as little as that. As you say that is the rate if he was on benefits, or earning under £100 per week. Is he istered as regself employed or employed?

    My partner is on minimum wage worka full time and has to pay £26 per week.

  • ELJ says:

    Well you can earn so much before he is taxed and if he is on any kind of benefit then you are out of luck. My ex partner just took me to CSA and to be honest it is a farse the way I was treated as a outcast etc. so if they haven’t gotten onto him and what not then chances are he is lost in the system or if he is self emplyed he is earning less then what is required to pay you.

  • shelly willis says:

    In my experience with the CSA, the best thing to do is just to keep on to them as much as possible ring once or twice a week. You should have a case worker if there is problems with the case so get this persons name and keep speaking to them. My partner has the payment of £41 a week taken from his wages every month, we have had plenty of problems in the past and i know it does start to get to you. Even now after about 7 yrs with the CSA his company who my ex works for is playing games wiht the payment, they have already been warned but they still carry on. But yes do try and use the online calculaor.

  • terry scott says:

    So sad that women think having kids entitles them to a life of benefits, crushing the father “regardless” and like most. I suspect he is the victim of what has become the most horrible excuse to deprive him of seeing his child.

    Get a job and think how lucky you are to even see your child. Because it a disgusting tool women use now to sustain a lifestyle, which for many is rich! even more than the father gets and try live your life without the longing for that big CSA dream Win Fall of money.

    Imagine spending 7 years! with the arseholes CSA …lifes too short.


  • Pangat says:

    Ooh, I like the 30 Days of Good thing! Maybe I’ll give that a shot. Exercising makes me feel good, but it sounds like you’ve got that cerveod. Maybe do one random nice thing for someone you don’t know? Like let an extra car into your line of traffic, or pay random compliments.

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