Mystery phone call turns out to be the CSA

May 8, 2011

I was contacted by someone from the csa who could hardly speak English. He phoned my work phone and asked to confirm my name. I ask who it was and they just spoke over me and said ‘confirm your name’ rather rudely. I asked again who is this and ill tell you my name. He said data protection meant he could not confirm who he was until I had gve my name. He got told to foxtrot oscar and I said dont ring my phone back. I thought it was someone trying to sell me stuff as being in a trade you get this all the time. He called back a few time again with the same story so I just hung up. He called my house number leaving his name and phone number so I called him back and asked who this is. He still wouldnt tell me until I confirmed my name so I told him ill hang up and go google the phone number then ill ring back if i feel like talking to them lol. He then said he was calling from the CSA and I explained if he had told me this in the first place I would have spoken to him without giving him so much abuse lol. He then told me that I registered self employed last year and that I had acted illegally and im now a criminal for not telling them that I was in employment again. I didnt believe I had to inform them by LAW?

He then asked me for my accountants detail. I then informed him that i do my own accounts and i didnt have to submit a tax return until January 2012 and if he wanted my accounts he can kindly photocopy the big bag of receipts that I have for my accounts lol. He then asked for me to submit my books so that they can work out how much I owe.

Then 2 days later he called and said because I havent forwarded the details he required, he has worked it out on national average wages of £450 per week and I now owe £3k arrears and £60 per week lol.

I had to fight to see my Son (who the claim is for) and assure you all he goes without NOTHING. I feed him cloth him and take care and pay into a child bond which will give him the start in life which his mother couldnt care less about. I have 2 other children who I live with and have recently started a new business which has made a large loss as first year trading.

I let my mum talk to them who has worked in law all her life and believe me the csa rep didnt like it when she started quoting the law. He hung up haha. That old chestnut.

Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences as its helping me no end.



  • Jamie cornford says:

    good for your mum is all i can say just be careful as they will keep chasing you for arrears and keep adding to it all the time your not paying them. I have two girls i pay for and its the same there mother does not care for them properly and i had to fight to see them. Aslo what makes it worse is there mother earns more than i do and so does her new partner and they live together, don,t get me wrong i know i need to pay for my kids but it just5 seems with the csa if your willing to do right by your kids you get screwed. I think i will try the whole who are you routine before i speak to them again lol.

    Hope you got it all sorted

  • KMcQ80 says:

    A few tips based on my experience with the CSA.
    1.Do not deal with the CSA over the telephone.
    2.Do not accept calls from the CSA at your workplace; point out that you do not take CSA paperwork to work and do not wish to discuss these matters in front of customers and work colleagues.
    3.Change your home telephone number and become ex directory.
    If the CSA are given your ex directory number, ask where they received the number from before you tell them you will only deal with them in writing.
    4,The most important point of all.
    Do not deal with the CSA over the phone,deal only by letter and keep a copy of all your letters sent and those received from the CSA in date order.
    This really can save a lot of future problems especially over alleged arrears.

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