My story: DCSS trying to close my case

February 23, 2012

My exhusband owes over $53926.30 in arrears for child support. Our case started in 2001 and I was on aid for only 6 mo. Then got a job, luckily because he probably only paid child support in full 2 times. In 2004 he was incarcerated and convicted for molesting our daughter when she was only 7 years old. He was sentenced t0 13 years in prison. No possibility of early release. So in 2005 DCSS sent me a hearing notice indicating they were stopping his current child support payment of $660 a month for two kids. I was shocked and upset but they indicated since he was in prison with no way to pay, that was their policy. I asked if he would still be expected to pay the arrears even when my children were grown and they said yes. Now 2/06/12 they send me a letter saying they are closing the case as he has no income to pay child support and has no assets which can be attached for support for the duration of the child’s minority.

However, there is a new law that states that children who are still going to school (my oldest is 17 and still going to school) are still entitled to child support. So I am currently fighting the DCSS to keep my case open and make sure that when the kids father gets released in 10/2014 he will be required to pay the arrears, I am in debt from not having any financial help from him. Sacramento County DCSS sucks and continues to hurt this family by increasing my current husbands child support payments because his ex is on SSI and has never worked a day in the 12 years I have been with him. She is allowed to collect SSI and not report it as income and they don’t consider my husband having a child with me and helping me raise my 2 kids I get no child support from.

The system is screwed up big time.


  • bob says:

    If you are in America… Thanks for bringing this barmy system over here. As much as a test he clearly is if he’s locked up how do you expe him to pay?

  • Brett says:

    Simple really.All CSA do is stitch up the “sitting ducks” like me who work and pay taxes, reassess then back date it a number of years and demand that you pay by credit card over the phone all the arrears they have made up. If you don’t, they then threaten to send baliffs to your house / issue you with a Liability Order. Some of that money then goes into a pot to pay for the absent fathers who can’t or won’t pay. Great System !

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