My step pays more in CSA than my dad pays for me

December 14, 2011

I am 16 and currently attending full time education. I come from a low income family and my dad pays £250 a month in child support money.

My step father has a son who lives with his mother and step father, they are in the exact same situation as myself. However my step father is paying £600 a month despite the fact he earns only slightly more, if not exactly the same, as my own father.

I don’t want more money from my father, I think £250 is more than enough for a 16 year old. But apparently it isn’t for a 12 year old? Despite the fact that in college my education is costing much more than his.

The amount of money leaving our household, I believe, is roughly 30% of what is coming in and it is basically making our life hell. We struggle to keep up with bills and just buy food. My mother and step father are constantly fighting.

I just don’t understand why my step father has to pay so much more than my own father, when the circumstances are almost exactly the same.


  • Bob says:

    Basically i think at 16 you are not old enough to fully understand or appreciate the situation. When you hit mid 20’s you’ll look back on this and think… i wasn’t as smart as i was.

    Just because your father pays £250.00 for you doesn’t mean that hang on your step father has to pay £250 for his other child. Or either that your father has to pay £600 to your Mum for you.

    I’ll give you a few examples, i’ve had my partners children have a moan to me about how much their Dad pays for them to the Mum and say “he shouldn’t have to”… it is the Law that you have to support your Child financially if you have the means. This to bear in mind their Dad earns approximately £37,000 + Bonus. For 2 children he pays the massive sum of just £200 a month (less than half what he should be paying through the CSA)… meanwhile i earn half the above amount and for one child i have to pay £175.

    The difference here young lady may be your step father has a private agreement or a Court agreement to pay that amount. If he has gone through CSA and your Dad goes through CSA and they are earning the same money your step father will be paying the same 15%, 20% or 25% dependent on how many children he has.

  • Jay says:

    I pay 358 per month. i also have a new child living with me my Step daughter if you like. and guess what. she can live on £12 per week when my kids cost. 35 per week each. how is this correct. one child costs £12 per week to keep and the others £35 because i am non residential i foot the full cost what is mothers contributuion to this,. if she paid £35 to each they would get 70 per week each, not to bad is it. 10a a day to spend on what ever they want. but mother will not do this will she. she will spend the money i supply for my children on her life style. kids will cost money anyway you have kids not carring about the cost.

    please sign this

  • janet says:

    Get a grip are you in reciept of child tax?! Child benifit?? Your new partners income?? So man up

  • Neil says:

    I am that stepfather, and before you have a go at my stepdaughter YOU need to understand the situation. Granted she dose not know all the facts but neither do you and she was only asking for some info and not you having a go at her for being stupid on the contrary she is a very bright A* student that is going to be a Doctor.
    Now BOB there is actually 2 methods of calculating what you pay the one that I am on which is pre 2003, which means that the CSA can and are taking up to 30% of my wages.The one that you are on about 15%,20%,25% was introduced was after 2003 now it dose not take the brains of an arch bishop to understand the if i was done now by the CSA i would be paying more that half what i am now. I have never and never will not pay for my son but it is unfair for 2 rules to be in use and the only way for myself to be transferred to the new rules that you are going on about is to have an other child. I just want a fare system for all not one rule for one and one rule for another. You should apologies to my stepdaughter for YOUR ignorance.

  • Marcus Lasance says:

    I don’t for one moment believe this is written by a child. Not even a precocious one.

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