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My son would be better off on benefits

Why is it my son who is on minimum wage has to pay these jumped up arrogant w***ers £80 per week?

They wont even consider talking to him to discuss what he can afford to pay.he will be better off claiming benefithas he wont have to pay a penny.

So the chilldren get nothing from him govt have to pay him gov have to extra to the mothers. csa sounds like a really good idea(not). to make it worse they have operators who think they are god . anyway go and f**k yourselves csa x

3 thoughts on “My son would be better off on benefits

  1. My son would be better off on benefits………….well that’s what scroungers like you think. Your son shouldn’t have built an arrears in the first place. You all just moan and moan when the times come and you have to pay what you owe.

  2. wow…….classy mother. You would rather he was unemployed and on benefits so he didn’t have to pay a penny towards your grandchild.

    He wouldn’t be paying that much for one child on minimum wage. Most likely arrears. I suppose you brought your son up on ‘thin air’. Didn’t spend a penny on food, clothes and shelter for him?

  3. I’ve been thinking along the same lines myself…If I went long term sick (which I could easily do), I’d get six months full sick pay and save on £30 petrol a week, that would more than compensate for the £28 extra that I’m now paying the CSA for my eldest daughter now that she’s got a job and working and her mother is no longer getting CSA or CB for her

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