My son will leave school soon and I won’t get any money

December 23, 2012

My son was born in 1996. I contacted the csa in 1999 regarding payment from his father. He was self implored living in a large bungalow with 2j jcb he was doing very well. He had 3 other children living with him at the time. I was informed that he didn’t have enough money to pay for my son so I wasn’t going to receive any money.

I contacted them several times after this and was informed that I wouldn’t get payment of any kind.in1995 I phoned again and was informed that’ unless I had any proof of his income not to contact him again. I received a letter each year stating that I received 0%. For my September of this year I went further and toolkit to my mp to spoke to them.i have now been informed and in 2011 the law had changed and that my.

Case should of been looked at but wasn’t,I have now received a letter stating that his father will be paying £52.00 per week and his will start from the 07-11-12 it the goes onto show u a table of how much and. When. Each payment will be paid £10.00 each week from 07-11-12until05-11-13 this doesn’t make any sense to me as they have stated other wise by saying I will receive £52.00 from07-11-12 I have fought for almost 14 years to get money for my son and now when he is almost 17 I am being told I am entitled to a payment. my son is going to be a marine and leaves school in feb and my entitlement will be stopped.

Why didn’t they help me all those years back nothing has changed in his dads live from then until now.

Why if he didn’t have enough income to pay for his son did I not get £5.00 per week just like the absent parents who are on benefits have to pay.

Why wasn’t my case looked at in 2011 when the law changed.

Why can’t he make back payments when after all my son was entitled to some kind of support,at the end of the day it has been my son who has lost out. Please help me and my son


  • Alice says:

    In 1996 the csa cases were on the original Old Rules system (CS1) and at that tie many factors were taken into account when doing a maintenance assessment, details of both households were considered. From the details in your post it sounds like the outcome of your case was that the NPR (non-resident parent) was no able to pay CM for your son at that time. If you were able to provide proof of a higher income than he was declaring at the time the CSA would have looked at the case again to see if he was in a position to pay CM for your son. If you were unable to provide proof then the CSA would have to assume that the income he was declaring was correct and no re-assessment would be done.

    In 2003 the system changed to New Rules and the system then was based purely on the NPR’s income, children living in his household and children he was liable to pay CM for. If your case on Old Rules was still open it would remain there unless you closed it and re-applied under New Rules after a certain period of time, or if a new case was opened by another PWC (parent with care) after the New Rules system came into being.

    Do you know if your case is still on Old Rules or was it moved to New Rules?

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