My son is not allowed to contact me

July 21, 2015

I have written to the csa several weeks ago but I have had no reply different when there wanting more money off me anyway I have not seen my son for nearly two months as it seems my girlfriend doesn’t spend enough time with him which I can’t get my head round and I can’t contact my son and he’s clearly not allowed to contact me.

I have always paid my child support as I know its the right thing to do but if I cancelled my direct debit and just saved the money till I saw him how would this effect me in the courts. I need advice please


  • Tomy says:

    Just leave the uk like i did.i think contact is conected child support and i dont care what the csa think or dont think.come to think.of it the csa do in a small way as they snatch less cash if you have your child for a few days each week .so when the csa say payments are not connected to contact they are wrong.and to put it bluntly those parents that cant see their xhildren should not pay a penny

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