My son is depressed on the brink

March 6, 2014

I would like my letter to be addressed my son who is 34 and holds a good job as a manager over ten men has worked hard to always provide for his family. his wife decided to be a slag and went off with another, well many other blokes and then took off. he has four children who don’t go to school and his daughter who is 14 is allowed to have boyfriend sleeping with her he has called social services no one is interested. his ex has blokes staying last six months.

his ex is on benefits and although he has access to three children every weekend and wed nights  and he now thank god has custody of his five year old son has to pay 370 a month to his ex and she goes on holiday and has hair extensions etc, being on benefits has not had any effect one her life style she doesn’t work although her their youngest is in nursery.

my son has to pay 63.00 child care term time and 160 in holiday time and gets no help at all from tax credits. he cant get any help because he is classed as have full pay and this include 370 he has take by tax credits!!!! how is that fair, he is better to give up his job and doss as he has moagage child care and bills he cant afford to live.

people are killing themselves my son is depressed on the brink when will you look into this I will never vote for you again in my life what was you thinking. if you want to take money from sigle dads for csa then allown them help he had kids cause he was married and happy why should he pay for this hes 34 he cant start again. he worked since leaving school. he cant afford to live what are you doing !!!! what are you trying to do you will have more people out of work look at what you are doing to people who have good jobs, today even if you have worked hard to get a better job your better off working in a lower paid job and having more family time. we are becoming a rubbish country help out single dads who are parents and have children living with them and holding down a full time job what are you thinking id like answer.


  • Mr M says:

    Standard everday CSA story, fathers who want to do right by their children, fathers who don’t mind paying…..i am in the same boat 360 a month!! it seems we are not allowed another life, no matter who’s fault it was, the CSA Target those fathers who do pay, treat them like sh*t and in some cases drive them to suicide, it’s a very sad state of affairs which isn’t going to get better. Sorry to hear about your plight, stay calm, keep dignified and i do believe every dog has it’s day and what comes around goes around. (Well let’s hope so).

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