My situation is their fault for cancelling my claim

September 7, 2014

I was in a relationship that broke down in 2003 not long after my son was born. I put my claim in for maintainance through the CSA as soon as i was able to which got at up reasonably quickly as my ex was claiming benefits. A few months passed and i received a letter from them staying i was no longer entitled to maintanance so i rang them straight away and queried this to be told that my son doesn’t live with me so therefore i was not entitled to payment which was not the case. After falling on deaf ears for some time i have up fighting the system.

In 2013 i finally had my case reopened to get told i would receive payments but they would be deferred until my “overpayment” had been repaid which turned out to be the payments i had already recieved before they decided to close the claim in error. We are now in September 2014 and i contacted them again to be told that they admit that they were in error and that the original claim should never have been cancelled (finally getting somewhere) i recieved my first payment the other day for all of £5 as the idle egg donor is still in receipt of benefits. Today i spoke to the same lady at CSA to find out what was going to happen in regards to the arrears due to their mistake to be told we are unable to enforce the arrears of £2080 from the last 9 years as they can not claim it from her benefits and that i still somehow owe £35 from the supposed overpayment.

I have explained to them that the money would have been payed if they never cancelled my claim in the first place as it would have come direct from her benefits so my quarrel is not with the ex but with them as the way i see it this is technically their fault. They are now paying it onto another department to look at to see if they can compensate me from the public purse. Can anyone advise if there is anything i can do to ensure my son gets the money that is rightfully his. Thanks in advance.


  • jo says:

    Write everything down in date order, bullet pointing your issues and send your complaint to the csa, mark it complaint. Give up ringing them as they say anything to get out of a hole. Make an appointment to see your mp, take all your relevant paperwork with you. I was told if an nrp is in receipt of a benefit no arrears would occur.

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