My salary is different each month, CSA doesn’t care

May 25, 2012

I have recently started paying child support for over 6 months now and i was initially assessed by taking my last years earnings into account and working out a monthly payment plan which is very high. My issue with CSA is that my job is a sales job and my salary is different every month and if i don’t sell alot i don’t hardly get any money. my main point to the CSA was that since last year my salary had taken a cut in basic salary and commissions and i had my car and petrol allowances paid into my wage which the CSA didn’t take into consideration and they still took my whole wage into their calculations which left me short by £600.00 a month.

I had told them on many occasions that my wage was alot different this year and i couldn’t afford to pay the high amount they required and whilst i was arguing the case with them the back pay was building up and when they gave me my final calculation it had over £600 arrears. with the arrears and the monthly amount i have been in a position where i am no longer able to pay the amount and i will now have to leave my job and try find a job with a higher salary which is going to be very hard in this climate but i would probably be better off on the dole for now.

On two occasions the amount they wanted me to pay was too high and they couldn’t take these monies from me on two consecutive months because it left me with less than the required 60% left of my salary this is because the amount was too high.

I informed them of this and told them my circumstances had changed because i could no longer afford to pay the high amount and my wages were a £1000 lower than the year before, they said they would re access my case and re calculate my payments………. this is now 4 months later and i haven’t heard anything from them??????????? i am now having to hand my notice in at work and i am now forced to sign on and try find a job with higher pay, by doing this this is effecting the whole family on both sides as i will have to move house change the schools for my kids and sell our cars and everything else that involves losing your job.

The CSA have no flexibility for any father that is struggling to cope and i can find it very easy why fathers get depressed and on some worse cases commit suicide. The CSA are a bully boy organisation that don’t offer any rights for fathers at all. i am now forced to follow the complaints procedure and take my case to the top.

The csa also enforced a payment order onto me when one of their staff said she would set a direct debit up and this is not the first time some one has lied or done something different to what they have said to me over the phone. Every time i call they have a different person on the line and wont allocate a case worker to me which helps them to have no accountability as each worker says or promises some thing different to the last worker, it absolutely disgusting and i can honestly say i have alot of hatred for the CSA.


  • Carol says:

    It is disgusting the way people are treated and when it comes to 2nd families they are also treated like criminals. My two kids are living in almost poverty as we do not have the money we need for them.

    The CSA think they are right all the time. Why has it taken so long for them to reassess? Have you wrote a formal letter of complaint? Getting your MP involved is also a great help as things seem to be done quicker.

    The only thing I will say is the CSA may see it as you are evading paying maintenance by giving up work and have the right to keep your current assessment in place. I was told this when I let the CSA know that my partner would maybe have to give up work as our nursery fees are higher than what he is bringing home!

  • Carol says:

    Is your case dealt with by Bolton by any chance?

    If you get your MP involved straight away they can lodge the complaint and you will be given as caseworker much quicker. There is a Parliamentary Correspondence Unit which generally do things quicker via your MP.

    To lodge a complaint yourself write to the address on top of any letters you have received clearly marked “complaint” so that they treat the letter as such.

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