My partner’s ex wants more money – is she entitled to it?

June 15, 2013

My boyfriend and his ex partner have a 3 year old. They split up when she was born and she has always lived with the mother, but spends every day from 7am-6:30pm at her fathers, he gives her breakfast, washs and dresses her for school, takes her to school and picks her up then brings her back to his house for tea before taking her home in her pyjamas. This happens every day in the week and on the weekend they have alternate nights who has her.

A lot of the time she stays at her fathers all weekend because she likes to go out. He pays for everything, school, school uniforms, toys, clothes, shoes, he gives her all his 3 meals a day and takes her out weekly. The mother has always claimed tax credits but the father has never seen a penny, he has always payed for everything out of his on pocket. How the mother is saying she wants money of him every other month because her wage isn’t that good, would she b entitled to anything? Even though except for going home at 6:30pm and getting picked up at 7am she spends all of her time at the fathers?


  • Jo says:

    Start collecting evidence with how often your partner has his child….I.e photo of child with todays newspaper etc, keep receipts and never hand her cash….always keep a paper trail! If it shows he has more care than the mother then see if he can get the child benefit transfered into his name, he might need to go to court for this.

    And is she entitled to more money…hell no, talk about wanting her cake and eating it greedy leech!

  • Sally says:

    Hiya… Morally No she is not and has a cheek asking… However, according to the CSA rules she is… It doesn’t matter that he pays for everything for the child just now or has the child 6 days out of 7…

    If his ex goes to the CSA they will only be interested in his income, how many over night stays he has with the child and if there are any children living at home with him…. Fairness, being reasonable and compromise in real life situation are words the CSA do not understand….

    If she is claiming child tax credits but not paying for child care (because your partner is looking after her then that would be fraud)… Working tax credits she will be entitled to…

    I’d suggest you and your partner contact NACSA or your local citizens advice bureau….

  • Sue says:

    Yes she can claim 100% from the CSA as there is no over night shared care ie 15% of his income. And there is no fraud so take no notice of that c**p advice. I suggest you talk to her because once she goes to he csa it will be all down hill

  • Carrie says:

    Yes ,that’s right to qualify for the discount they have to sleep over in the same place as the nrp(it doesn’t even count if it is at the paternal grandparents and they have the child so he can work nights ! )It is ridiculous when the nrp does everything for the child that costs the money,feed them clothe them then they aren’t allowed this because qualifying child is at the pwc’s. Especially as it helping the pwc reduce/have no child care to pay for !

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