My partner’s ex lies and reduces nights to get more money

April 21, 2011

My parnter willinly pays maintenance for his 9 year old daughter, we have a one year old and my 10 ten year old that live with us.
his ex knows how to play the system and is reducing the no of nights we have her now, so she gets more money from us, even though we are struggling as im out of work and we live on my parnters £17k a year, thats it.

She and her new husband both work full time and earn good money in the police force and are constantly on holiday to places like barbados, eygpt, rome etc without the daughter. they have a big house, brand new cars…..

We would like to know what our money is actually going on as she never has shoes to come to us in,(only her school shoes) she doesnt do any after school activities and doesnt go anywhere with her mum, we have asked the csa to check the no of nights we have her as she is saying one amount and i know we have her a lot more as i write it down, but they said they would look into it but hhavent ever bothered, even when we said we cant afford our morgage they just said it wasnt their problem.

It’s discusting that she can get away with this and get more money from us who dont earn a lot and they live in the lap of luxury, its not right, it shoudl be based on what the other person earns to and have a limit, why should it be on the non custodials earnings when the custodial parent earns a lot. The system is very biased .


4 Responses to “My partner’s ex lies and reduces nights to get more money”

  1. Margaret on April 23rd, 2011 6:55 am

    I know what you mean. We just lost our house (repossesion) due to CSA was taking 40 % of my husbands wage. They don’t care that our 3 years old daughter lost her home …

  2. sapman on April 25th, 2011 12:24 am

    this is typical csa and who ever thinks of this system rubbish… my ex earns more than me her new fella earns 50k a year and her parents are millionaires yet they still want my £250 a month plus what i pay on other maintenance to fund what ????
    there is no “means testing ” in this system just all about screwing you…
    when i said they have a jopint income of over £70k and house paid for etc and millionaires to fall back on i was told yes sir but you have to pay for your kids!!
    i know that and i will but why take over £450 from me (includind other kid) and leave me with peanuts to live on and have a house home etc whilst that money is not going to kids in hardship>???
    it is the most biased and un fair system in the world even in a dictatorship this stuff would never survive

  3. lauraine on April 25th, 2011 1:43 pm

    Maragaret, I feel for you huni, we are going to loose ours soon if this carries on and my partners ex will laugh in our faces.
    Im sorry you have lost your house and thats discusting expecially that you have a 3 year old, that shouldnt happen, im gutted for you.
    Sapman – its so typical, cant beleive you have to pay that much and your ex sits there living it up, so wrong, so bloody wrong.
    You and my partner dont disagree that he and you should pay for your children, not at all, but why take so much, espcially when the exs earn/ bring so much into their house anyway,
    this system is awful and i feel for so many of you men that have to go through this, (or women even sos…), xx

  4. Margaret on April 30th, 2011 4:50 am

    It’s wrong, it’s so wrong … my daughter lost her home. It’s heart breaking when everytime we passing by our old house she saiyng – ‘look mummy – our home’. No honney it’s not, not anymore.
    My family been through a hell because of them. I been off sick in 2010 for three months (depression) due to threats and harasement by CSA. Ending up with loosing home… That madness has to stop…

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