My partner is being harrassed by the CSA – what can we do?

July 1, 2013

my partner is gettin threatening letters from the CSA,he is an agency worker ans over the last 6 months or so work has been bad, sometimes only gettin one or 2 days work a week, this was quite regular up until a month ago when he got 4 solid weeks work.Fabulous, until the csa have just said he now has to pay 80 a week for his daughter who doesnt want to see him.(another story)..80 a week is an awful lot when we have no savings , i was made redundant and the mortgage is 560 a month.

what happens when his regular work stops ( in a week) and he only gets one or 2 days again….


  • John says:

    1) inform the CSA that you require all correspondence in writing as evidence for future complaints.

    2) Do not have any telephone contact with them.

    3) Make a complaint to the Independent Case Examiners office.

    4) If the CSA are acting outside of the rule or enactment of law that they are entitled to use, and causing you alarm and distress, then that would be a matter for the police.

    5) Go to you M.P. and ask them why you are a victim of harassment?

  • gonk says:

    makes my blood boil how these parasites hound honest hard working people that try hard to do whats right buts its never enough.
    John…that good advise and as usual I will keep a print out of your important steps in dealing with these arsholes…one never knows when one will need to refer back to it?
    as ususal this site and the facebook site has lots of good people offering advise and a way forward.A tip…if you ever get a certain Alice or Chall offering you advise..ignore them..Alice works for the csa and only offers you a way forward on how to pay the fuckers…Chall…not sure of but again offers no advise that will ever work in your favour….oh and this arsehole felt it fun to dis close my real name on this site…so beware of the prick !!!

  • John says:

    @ gonk. Cheers.

    If there were any other ways of dealing with these reprobates i.e. through the courts or via the police, I would go down those avenues, but those who are seeking to criminalise and demonise parents, have closed most loopholes and made themselves ‘teflon’ coated.

    All that we can do as a group is repeatedly challenge them, and follow their complaints procedures, but at the same time ensuring that politicians know that what the CSA are doing via their corrupt methods, is illegal and breaches Human Rights laws, and in doing so exposing them as acting unlawfully.

    I always want to provide for my children, even as adults but what I do object to is these ‘low life scumbags’ interfering in my private family life. They are assisted by politicians, who allow this ‘flawed’ legislation on to the statute books.

    They will eventually ‘reap what they have sewn’, when successful challenges are made and CSA victims obtain ‘restorative justice’, and mega compensation.

    Good luck and keep fighting these amateurs.

  • gonk says:

    Has Amanda replaced the Alice …..bring it on !!!

  • dai says:

    if you receive two letters for the wrong amounts ie money that you do not owe – that is harassment

    and possibly fraud if they knew it was wrong – pursue the individual civil servant as well as the CSA

    after all the Police are now being exposed for harassing people with undercover operations

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