My new partner is losing her tax credits because of the CSA

April 29, 2013

Can anyone please help me on this?

I currently pay £549 a month, which is £363 maintenance and £186 arrears. I met a new partner who has 2 children from a previous relationship ( she gets £210 a month for both) on speaking to csa they said my payments would go to £47 pound a week due to a barrier of 20% as i will now have 2 children in household. When i questioned that £90 a week to £47 a week is not 20% they replied that i am currently “phasing ” from new system to old system.

So in a couple of years time i will pay £47 but will continue to pay £90 a week until then. But my 20% is based upon projected figure!!! All very confusing. It worked out that for me moving in with partner i would have an extra £48 a month but my partner would loose her only benefit of WTC of around £200 with me living with me. She has a good job and earns more than me so as a single parent didnt receive any other benefits yet with me moving in she would be worse off. Yet the mother of child is remarried and his earnings or benefits etc or not looked at.

I have worked all my life and look now and think i would be better leaving work and claiming.


  • Carol says:

    My partner (now ex) and I ended up iin this situation. I had a good well paid job, very little in way of tax credits, got with partner had another child and the CSA arrears landed on us.

    If you are both claiming tax credits as a couple, then the CSA can take them into account as nrp income, depending on who is the highest earner in the house.

    It got to a crazy situation that me and my now ex are better off separated. It would appear that once the CSA are involved an nrp cannot move on and have a life!!!!!!!!!

    The phasing thing is a joke. I think it’s over 5 years the payments are supposed to be gradually reduced so it doesn’t have a financial impact on the pwc.

  • Dave says:

    The csa said that my child should not suffer because I have moved in with someone else, I replied stating that this will happen to partners children. Was unable to answer that question. Like you say it doest look possible for us to live with each other. How can they control peoples lives like this. Pwc is married and my child believes that to be his father ( which i have no problem with as a very honourable thing) she said he wouldnt adopt him as they loose to much money in payments. Social sites always show holidays abroad and new cars.

    Also have a deo set up and they take the 549 a month this month they have only taken 81 so not sure wether there is a problem or when i asked how arrears have been calculated they have seen a problem.

  • Sally says:

    @ David, the CSA and the idiots who work for them make the rules up as they go along… they produced ‘rules’, ‘legislation’ and ‘guidance’ for those who use (willingly or otherwise) them but it’s inconsistent and NOT understood by the staff!!

    When the CSA come across an issue, they either hide it under the carpet (lie) or find a way around it (your situation), rather than transfer you over with a clear understanding of what is happening to your money… they ‘phase’ people out over X amount of years!?! because they are considering the impact on the PWC…. nothing to do with the fact that the NRPs circumstances have changed and should be re-assessed FAIRLY!!!

    I wouldn’t blame you or any other NRP (who are victims of the CSA) for leaving their job and claiming benefits!!! My partner left his job and became a student to get away from the CSA and a greedy ex and so far it’s worked out well for us (and the kids)…

    The CSA was set up to ‘make absent fathers pay’…. well 20+ years on and the absent fathers are still absent and the decent, hardworking, caring fathers are victimised, bullied and made out to be criminals all because the CSA need to justify their existence and meet ‘government’ targets…..

    The CSA don’t care about ANY of the children… it only cares about stats and keeping braindead/brainwashed idiots from claiming unemployment benefit (no decent company would employ liars and thieves)….

    Good luck with your plight!!

  • Andrea samad says:

    Why do you want to get out of paying for your own children. You new partners children aren’t your financial responsibility .. Wise up and pay up and be grateful you have children.

  • brett says:

    Great comment Sally. Everything you say is so very true.

  • Dave says:

    Andrea, at what point have i mentioned i dont want to pay? What I am doing is stating that my partners children will loose out due to me moving in. As you say they are not my financial resposibility so why affect them?
    As for the wise up and be gratefull comment…… Bit harsh, please re read what i have written as not mentioned anything about not being grateful.
    Lets hope that one day you are not in the situation like this where you cant be with someone due to a flaw in the system.

  • gonk says:

    @ Andrea Samad..another clueless idiot and don’t know their arse from their elbow.Be grateful you have children..pmsl..well my wife walked and took my little girl with her at the age of 3 and through no fault of mine other than her getting bored and having an affair..she now lives with a full time working partner,on all the benefits under the sun. I have not seen my daughter in nearly a year and before that just 2 days the year before.And im screwed by her and this vile organization for £320 every month for the priviledge.So tell me Andrea Samad…what have I got to be gratefull for. Don’t be putting your 2 pennys worth here if that’s all the crap you can come out with.
    Sally is right..the csa don’t give a toss about the kids only the money they can get out of the nrp after a break -up

  • gonk says:

    oh and Andrea your words “You new partners children aren’t your financial responsibility” are laughable and pathetic..just think about it…Daves partner asked him to help out with this or that for her kids,maybe a new school uniforn,shoes,school trip etc,and why wouldn’t she ? afterall they are a family and a team..he would be expected to do the right thing yes ?
    but as you would expect him to say by your own words would be ” no sorry your kids are not my financial responsibility” How long Andrea do you think that new family would be together ? Put the boot on your foot…what would you do/say if you had a partner that said that to you ?

  • Sally says:

    @ Andrea – you should be ashamed of yourself!!! EVERY SINGLE CHILD should have the same rights, i.e. to be cared for and looked after!!! People like you give decent PWCs a bad name!!!

    He is not refusing to pay for his kid, he is disputing the amount his new partner is losing out on because they are together, if anyone should be on her complaining it should be her!!!

    Dave is 100% entitled to a life with someone else and should not be penilised by you or the CSA!!! His new partner should not be forced to have less money to keep you happy!!!!

    Im sure Dave is grateful for having kids, his regret is probably having them with you!! you are quite clearly self absorbed and think the world should evolve around what YOU want…. and i’ll be YOU don’t work for a living!?!

    Next we will all hear is that you have stopped Dave seeing his kid because he upset YOU…. typical PWC the CSA supports…..greedy, vindictive and nasty!!!

    Good luck to you Dave!!

  • Dave says:

    Sally i dont know who Andrea is. can see why you would think that after the comment she left.

  • Sally says:

    @ Dave…. erm, I initially assumed she was your ex partner/mother of your child but now realise that not be the case…. lol lol sorry about that… 😮

  • brett says:

    Andrea… Any reply to the above comments ?

  • wilf says:

    Losing WTC is nothing to do with the CSA but because of increased income in the household.
    A misleading title.
    The 20%, for children in your household, is deducted from net income before the % for child maintenance is applied therefore not a simple reduction of 20%.
    Phasing is normally applied when a case migrates from the old system (CS1) to the new system (CS2).

  • Dave says:

    Wilf. I never named the piece it was written by someone else after they must have moderated email. I understand how its not the csa taking WTC, its the point of why different systems in govenment bodies are unfair. For example PWC will not loose benefits due to new partner and her wage etc, yet my partner will with me moving in, is this equal or fair? If what andrea says is true i have no financial responsibility to partners children why is it classed as increased household income.

  • wilf says:

    Dave:- Will you ex retain her WTC because the new partner is not earning as much?

  • Dave says:

    Wilf – Not sure possibly, we are not on speaking terms.

  • wilf says:

    Dave:- I normally try not to give my own opinion on this site but I would think that it is best for all if you go ahead and do what you want and manage best you can until the dreaded phasing works itself out.
    You never know when they get round to doing your change of circumstance it may work out better for you than they are predicting at the moment.

  • gonk says:

    @Brett…I wish this Andrea would pipe up again defending her pathetic post..complete idiot and clueless…like Sally sure if she was in a similar situation as Dave’s partner….she would have a different attitude….Dumb bitch!!..sorry..i say my mind and what I think of this kinda remark from these kinda people.

  • Wendy says:

    I would like to explain a few things to Andrea who obviously just goes around ranting with out knowing the full facts.

    David was the victim of a 35 year woman who decided she wanted a baby and tricked him as a 17 year old boy by saying she couldn’t get pregnant on a one night stand. I have been really proud of the way David has conducted himself,even when he had to have a DNA test because there were a few contenders for the role of father to the baby. He has never, ever shirked his responsibility towards the child for the last ten years. She on the other hand has three children,all from different fathers and all getting money through the csa. This is as well as being married to someone who works full time..

    Neither David or myself have never ever seen the child and as far as the child knows his dad is the man who has brought him up for the last ten years.

    So Andrea please explain why you think David should be grateful and in future make sure you have all the facts before sounding off. Should I also be grateful because I have a grand child I have never seen?

  • gonk says:

    @ Wendy
    well said Wendy…I notice this stupid bitch has not come back..probably a csa member of staff that’s got nothing better to do other than wind up nrp’s on this site.
    Daves ex sounds like a typical scrounching c***t who who is never satisfied

  • Lisa says:

    Is that some sort of joke by Andrea whats her face? Jesus christ isnt that what this site is here for, @ Gonk yes your right another scrounging C***
    I think the CSA and the government are so out of touch with us all things need to change and quick, we run a group on facebook that is doing all it can between us to fight for whats right join us!/groups/204256966364149/

  • brett says:

    Andrea, your obviously not popular on here, so fuck off and don’t come back !

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