My mother left when I was 18 months old – should she have to pay now?

August 13, 2013

Hello. My mother left me and my two half brothers with my father when i was 18 months old…we neversaw her again…however thanks to the internet i now know where she is. She never once paid any child support and lived a life of luxury whilst my father had three jobs.

My question is my father has recently pased away but it seens only right that my mother should owe this money and not get away with not paying as my dads life was a struggle to say the least…would i be able to sue for neglect or would csa be able to make her pay what she hasnt for all those years.


  • Mike hunt says:

    Let sleeping dogs lie my friend.. No amount of money can make up for what happened.. Believe me you don’t want to spend what short time we have on this planet getting nowhere with some retard at the CSA

  • stuart says:

    if no contact in all this time why would you want this? if no case started you would get nothing so no loss to you. She appears not worth any more thought so forget it and make your own way in life.

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