My husbands ex partner claiming CSA from him.

January 17, 2012

My husband split up with his ex partner when their son was 4 due to her cheating and just being a generally horrible person, when I met him a few months later she was making it as hard as possible for my husband to see his son, using him as a weapon.

4 years on she still picks and chooses when he can see his son changing plans to suit her and still using him as a weapon when she feels she needs to.

My husband has always offered to pay for things his son needs e.g clothes, shoes, things for school.

Now she knows he is working full time she has put in a claim to CSA, he got a phone call the otherday saying he will have to pay her £100 a month and also it is being backdated to when she made the claim so he owes her another £400, he knew nothing about this claim so how can they demand he has to pay that backdated fee?

Also she has lied and said he never stays overnight with us which he does at least once a week and in school holidays it could be two to three nights as she then uses my husband for chidcare while she is working.

Her and her new partner who she has just bought a house with both work so I dont see how my husband can be expected to pay her at least £100 a month, plus they have not taken into account that we have a daughter soon another one aswell or even considered bills we have to pay or previous debts in which my husband is still paying from when he was with her.

It just makes me sick to think she is sat in her own house getting her own and her new partners wages and all child benefits and still is expected to get £100 from us when we struggle every month with bills and are stuck private renting.


  • chall says:


    A case is effective once the agency have made contact with the non resident parent. You should establish when and how they consider this was done.

    Is your OH’s net income below £200 pw (including, at present, all working tax credits if he is the higher earner and/or child tax credits) ?

    Have you used a CSA calculator to establish roughly how much liability should be ?

    If you consider the calculation is incorrect, write (keeping copies and send signed for) to the CSA enclosing information to enable a correct calculation to be carried out.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

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