My husband’s ex is lying about the cash payments she has recieved in the past

August 4, 2013

My husband has paid his ex wife cash instead of involving the CSA but she has now taken this to court and’won’ claiming that she never received anything!!!

he is now on ESA and has money deducted!!! The judge claimed that cash withdrals on his statement were not eidence of her recieving the cash, so basically he has to pay twice!!! Any advise? Has anybody else gone through this?

We have also bought my stepdaughter things that she has needed on top of the cash payments, but thejudge said this is just down to bedgeting and doesnt come into it!!!!

We have two boys of our own who will, and are, suffer dramatically and the ex is on a full time wage , we believe above average, although do not know how much! We have no assests, she has a car and a house, he doesnt even own a car because of this!


  • Pete says:

    Welcome to the world od the fraudulant CSA, Id there mo way that you can prove that the cash withdrawls, Its typical that this happens very regular, Yet the CSA dont care, They are pathologcal liars, I would ask for your Data protection file will cost you £10, Do feel free to join our face book group,!/groups/204256966364149/

  • carrie says:

    We have been treated like this despite having dd payments on our Bank statements of payments direct to her bank .We have our DP files ,we have all the statements,we have been to MP- nothing will make them believe us !.We are not being given the chance or anything it’s all down to what the pwc says!!The system is wrong just because there was a case open many years ago the CSA are using that as a bench mark .We had no schedule of payments,no idea we were even under their jurisdiction ,pwc said she had closed the case & was happy to take the payments off of us !!Do the CSA not think th pwc would have contacted them earlier if she wasn’t receiving CM direct to her & not leave it until now!! We are very angry about this & will take it as far as we can. Pwc has alienated all the children ,even the 2 adult ones say they dont want to get involved & the 2 qc’s one 19 & one 17 haven’t been to college since 2012 and we still have to pay because she ‘s claiming Ch/ben !! What a system !

  • csaworkerx says:

    Never give voluntary payments without a form of proof, honestly? Dont give them at all, put the money to one side and wait for ure assessment and set a DD up, if you really must pay voluntarily, dont go for the signed recipt, very rare wed take it as evidence, make a bank2bank transfer / cheque and write on the transaction/cheque “in leiu of child maitenence” this is acceptable evidence.

  • Lisa says:

    People the CSA will take payments into account, contact complaints review, as long as bank statement shows regular monies going out to the pwc they will accept in lieu of cm, it’s the idiots on the shop floor who cause these problems, the complaints team will contact the pwc and ask her if these payments were not cm what exactly they were for, so please don’t listen to our new CSA case wanker who has joined from the realms below us, join child support agency ripoffs for lots more unbiased advice on Facebook can’t go wrong,

  • carrie says:

    Lisa,they didn’t in our case….Despite the dd payments we had proof of ..they rang the pwc & asked her if SHE accepted these as CM !! What did she think it was for ..her shoes & handbag fund ….come on CSA get real !! What do you think she would say given the choice …Very unfair to us!

  • Gonk says:

    Lol lisa
    CSA case wanker…PMSL…yes it does look like a replacement. Notice the advise given by it ” put the money aside till your assessment ” lol…yes this is what I’m talking about, this new troll will only offer anyone advise on the way forward to pay the CSA if you a Nrp or advise how you can get a Nrp to pay if you a pwc…both ways designed to benefit the CSA

  • Gonk says:

    @ carrie
    Yes indeed carrie…it’s a fucking joke,a fucking fiasco. Like this greedy bitch is gonna say yes the money was for cm…these wankers know full well what the mother is gonna say. Fucking outrageous that this kind of shit is aloud to go on.

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