My husband now earns less but has to pay more – why is this?

April 27, 2013

My husband used to earn £38,000 in the army and he paid £360 to the csa, since he has come out of the army he works as a lorry driving earning £1400 month and £800 a month army pension. The csa now want to take £420 a month when in realist he is earning not as much.

They are also asking for him to pay £1000 arrears. We have asked for proof that his daughter still attends school as his ex has denied him access to hes children since a month before we got married. CSA seem very reluctant to listen, how do we exist. When i myself needed csa they wrote my exs debt off and had the audacity to write to me telling me so.


  • wilf says:

    Lisa:- If the case is on CS1 a lot of factors other than income are taken into account.
    You need to compare previous assessment letters with your new one to see what other differences have taken place.
    If you do not have a previous assessment letter the CSA should provide one on request.
    You can also request a copy of the complete file at a cost of £10.

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