My husband has heard nothing from his ex for 9 years – now the CSA want money

July 12, 2013

Hi, my husband had a relationship then had a son, 5 months after he was born she took the child and went to live with another man and changed the boys surname to her maiden name and told my husband she wanted nothing from him and he could never see the child again. This was 9 years ago, we have since married and have 3 children and out of the blue we have an attachment of earnings on his wage (40%) and a letter saying he owed from when his son was born as his ex had stopped working?

This crippled us and he had to leave work because we couldn’t afford to live. He has recently gone back to work and they are after him again saying the case is closed but he still owes £5000, they want this paying back at 280 per month which is crazy as he earns £1068 per month. Are several calls arguing with them, they said they would get rid of £1500 of the debt but we still have to pay a lot a month, is there any way we can fight paying this, she doesn’t want the money so why are they still chasing us?


  • Sally says:

    Get in contact with your local MP, our helped us reduce false arrears… Also have a look at NACSA website as they can provide help and guidance to you…

    CSA staff are thieving, lying scumbags who will do and say anything to guarantee their bonus each year…

    Good luck..

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