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My husband has been taken to CSA despite always paying his ex

my Husbands ex who he has a child with has taken him to csa even though he was paying for the child by monthly direct debit payments, has has not seen the child for a long time, he does want to but the problems that come with the mother is just not worth it, we have had to change his mobile number several times but she still manages to get hold of this and basically terrorises my partner and myself with abuse, she is now stating that she wants full custody and wants to change the childs surname to hers and not my partners, does this mean he will still have to pay CSA money for her, even though he does not see her and the mother is a nightmare, please can i get some feed back from anyone or even some advise, many thanks.

One thought on “My husband has been taken to CSA despite always paying his ex

  1. Hi Sarah

    It is rather strange that your partner has paid faithfully by direct debit yet his ex-partner is taking him to the CMS. Perhaps she wants more money. He will not have to pay more than 12 percent of his gross income for one child.

    If he want’s to see his child, the only option is a court order. They must try mediation first and failing that, the matter goes to a hearing.

    Your partner can challenge a change of name. His ex has to seek his permission first and failing that take the matter to court. She has to have a good reason for the court to grant her wishes.

    If you need help with the above, email me at [email protected]


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