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My friend has an alleged son and the mother is demanding money with no access to child

My friend has an alleged son that the mother has not allowed him to see but now after 6 years she is saying she wants to take him to the CSA. He would love to be a father to his alleged child and would be willing to pay his share towards him but doesn’t that mean he should also have some rights of access to the child? If he has to pay for a paternity test does he also have to pay to take her to court to get access or with a paternity test and CSA involvement would he automatically be allowed regular access? He would love to have an input in his alleged sons life unfortunately after seeing him 2 or 3 times as an infant he has not been allowed access. Not because he’s done anything wrong it’s because she has someone else and feels she’s much better off with my friend out of her life. The fact that she has now decided to get the CSA involved suggest that something has happened and she is now in need of extra money.

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  1. Hi Peter

    First, when your friend is approached by the CMS, he needs to challenge paternity straightaway if he has any doubts whatsoever. This fact must first be established without him paying a penny over.

    Second, there is no correlation between the payment of child support and getting access to his son. He needs to apply at court as a separate issue. The first step in the process is mediation.

    If your friend want to speak to me further, he should visit and leave a message or drop me a line at [email protected]


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