My ex’s parents are getting away with murder

September 3, 2013

Hi, my ex husbands employer is his parents and they are never on time with payments through csa!!!!!!!

This month payment is yet again late and even though it should of been paid into csa by 27/08/13 csa now need to open up yet another case to chase money sooo fed up now they seem to be letting my ex inlaws get away with murder.

I really don’t know what else to do it driving me crazy as kid grow and need new shoes and u inform for school but my ex doesn’t seem to care now he has his new baby and wife……….what else can I do?


  • Craig says:

    Well said Gonk

  • Just to advise everyone – those two comments supposedly attributed to Karen Bedford weren’t written by her, they were written by the person calling themselves Donk. The IP Addresses match up. I have changed the name on those comments to his, so could everyone please be aware we can track who posts what, and trying to post comments under someone else’s name won’t work.

  • Macon says:

    Who is Donk ?
    Is it the return of the 3 headed beast namely Alice ? staff you have a moral obligation to name and shame the real culprit who is ruining a good woman’s name 🙂

  • gonk says:

    @ Michael
    I thought this mesaage from Karen was out of character even for her…I knew something fishy was going on. I don’t like her her but this arsehole Donk needs weeding out…she may have her opinions on here but that’s disgusting that someone posing as her lowers themselves even lower

  • gonk says:

    @ Karen
    I take back all I said in response to your comments about hating men as I see now it had not come from you.
    thank you Michael from csa hell for highlighting this arshole

  • stuart says:

    When will people learn that attacking each other is just what the CSA want they will be pissing themselves laughing at this. Concentrate on fighting the root cause which is the CSA not each other.

  • Macon says:

    It may have been someone with affiliation with the Csa who is Donk as they are known to frequent this site !

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