My ex’s contributions have halved in two years – why is this?

November 12, 2013

My partners contributions have halved in the two years we have been separated.

He is working the same job. His salary will not have decreased.

I questioned the CSA calculations and after lengthy conversations they finally admitted his salary was based upon his P60 and past three payslips that THEY HADNT SEEN!
All he needs to do is to provide his figures over the phone.

How can this be allowed?

I have been told that under no circumstances will they review his figures unless I can provided physical evidence of payslips.

We split up as he was violent, he had a retraining order placed upon him. The likelihood of him showing me his payslip is non existent.

I am at a total loss of how to fight this as it seems to be a Government directive.

Any advice gratefully received.


  • jo says:

    Csa go by hrmc records, could be that he was paying too much and has be now assessed correctly or they are stitching him up for arrears to enforce a deo on him? Does he now have other dependants living with him as that can reduce maintenance too?

    Violent or not I wouldn’t show my ex my wage slips either as my business is just that…also have you told csa that your ex was violent because what they are asking of you is putting you in danger?

  • Terry Scott says:

    There are some cases of women using such terms as “He was violent” to describe all manner of relationship breakdowns. To cause maximum impact of getting what they want either through Police and CSA.

    I doubt that there any record of any of these cases recorded. I don’t doubt Domestic Violence doesn’t happen and YES women ALSO can be abusers. They just have the ability to switch on the emotional tears drops and “woe is me” when suits and it get maximum sympathy.

    Believe me I’ve been there and get the T-shirt! thank god she restrained from contacting me.


  • Richie says:

    money grabbing skank … get a job!

  • Gonk says:

    Another money grabber who assumes an ex is a source of income.
    Oh and is he your partner or ex? Which ?
    Why would you want anything from a violent ex….oh that’s a silly question lol…..he could be a murderer but women like you would still want his money lol

  • Jessie Tree says:

    Richie and Gonk,

    In response to your comments, I am not a ‘money grabbing skank’ and I am not chasing this issue to get money to improve my lifestyle.
    I am chasing this issue as this man and I decided to have children, we made a commitment to our kids to look after them.
    He has access to the children and I fully support his relationship yet he is contributing near enough nothing financially. The guidelines are 20%, reducing down dependant on nights he has them. However currently he is giving the children less than 4% of his salary.
    We chose to have children, we jointly have a responsibilty to care for them. It is an issue of fact and principal not money. If he earned £100 a week or £1000 it is irrelevant, the percentage is the issue.
    The money is not for me. The money is to feed and clothe his children.
    I work full time. I am not a lazy ‘money grabbing skank ‘who who sits about all day watching tv, smoking fags and moaning about how hard life is.
    I get up every day and go to work teaching in a secondary school.

    Please don’t label me when I am purely looking for reasonable advice.

    A few comments have questioned the truth behind the violence, mentioning that it is a term used too easily. That may be the case at times. It isnt the case for me. I was hospitalised by an unprovoked attack that my children were forced to witness.
    I spent the next two years trying to support my children, both financially and emotionally.
    I made sure that the correct procedures and been put in place before access to the children was granted unsupervised.
    I have never made a decision that put me first, it’s always the children that come first.
    Maybe I was naive to look for advice in this site, when all I seem to have received is derogatory comments about who you presume I am.

  • Adam says:

    Hi Jessie.

    I think it’s a good idea to remind that there are a lot of bitter NRP’s here who are legally bound by what many feel to be a farcical excuse for a child support agency. They see you as a mother complaining about not getting what is “owed” and they do not consider that you, in turn, consider it owed to your child(ren) and not to yourself, I apologise on their behalf. It’s a typically human trait to be so presumptuous.

    I will be honest, I think the arrangements made with the CSA primarily depend on the case worker. I was asked to send paperwork for every change I made (my records of study, my payslips etc) at any time a change occurred. I don’t believe it is general process to take details over the phone without evidence.

    He is not obliged to provide you with any evidence as to his earnings, either. You can lodge a formal complaint with the CSA, and ask for copies of the phone calls between them and yourself (where they admit they did not check his payment records evidently); which, you can only hope, will force them into checking his pay details explicitly.

    I believe what you say, as your spelling indicates as such that you are at secondary school teacher level. (no offence, but I couldn’t resist but have a dig) 😉

    .. log a formal complaint with the CSA. Let me know how you get on. 🙂

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