My ex won’t even give money for birthday presents

April 10, 2014

My daughters dad pays me 50 a week for her and doesnt help with anything else . he has a very good payed job and i feel he isnt paying enough for her.

He works off shore and as far as im aware they bring home alot . he had a 1 year old boy now and is remarried and moved away.

He never seen his daughter for 6 -8 weeks at a time but then strted taking her most wekends and school holidays . he said he is currently not working at the moment . he has only giving me 100 for last month and said i wont get anything this month.

Im struggling to get work mself and can not afford everything for her he never helps for her school or birthdays xmas . it all has to be at his house everythig he gets for her .

I feel he hasnt been paying enough and just want to see if that is the case . im unsure of his wage at the moment as he wont tell me and is contantly trying to cause trouble for me.


  • steven says:

    My ex has the habit of breaking everything I buy for my girls. Coats under coal sacks, chargers lost, electronics fried with some kind of charge, new shoes vanish before wearing…the list goes on and on. Now everything is at my house or not at all and £50 extra a week is more than reasonable get a job you say so and so and stop trying to drain a man dry.

  • Tazaroo76feelingmad says:

    I agree £50 a week is a lot!! Definitely think yourself lucky!! Your ex has to live too you know and maybe he’s struggling financially & if he isn’t working at the moment why expect anything at all or more for that matter, if you can’t provide for your child with your own income plus what he was giving you I think you need to readjust your outgoings.

  • Richie says:

    Greedy skank …. honestly … and yeah why should he buy things for at your hose? are you gonna buy things for at HIS house? I bloody doubt it.

    Get a job u TRAMP!

  • gonk says:

    greedy bitch!…f**k off…im paying £320 a month for ONE daughter and her skank mother dictates when I see my daughter…..people like you f**k me off big time

  • Tezzer says:

    I was paying £100 a week for 1 child with no arrears. I was on CS1 rules. Ex still made me pay half to my daughters dancing lessons and tests too plus half to a laptop. No matter how much we are forced to pay the resident parent seems to demand more. I do not begrudge paying for my daughter but i hated the fact that my ex was not using the money for her. Now my daughter is 16 then payments have dropped to £72.84 a week.

  • Dontbeajudge says:

    All the people posting comments on this lady’s post are revolting! She clearly stated he earns well. So for example- if your child’s father earns £4,000 per month, you think £50-100 per week is satisfactory and should not want to also buy extras for child? My child’s father earns 4,000 per month has no other children and gets his car and phone paid for by his dad. Why should he not want to try but few extra for child like trainers etc? Cost of living is extortionate -£ 50-100 doesn’t get you much these days.

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