My ex wants to know how much I am getting from child tax

June 27, 2013

I just want to ask one question my husband recently left me with 2 children, we are still on speaking terms,he has the children twice a week overnight and then every other weekend, we are trying to work out maintenance, he says he wants to know how much i am getting from child tax so whatever they are paying me he doesnt have to, is child tax and maintenance from an ex totally seperate, it is nothing to do with him what they pay me?

all new to this and trying to understand

Thanks Nicky


  • andy says:

    He’s most likely working out how much of that he should really be having, seeing as, by your admission he has them almost 2 weeks out of every month, and then deducting that from what he pays you.

  • Sally says:

    I have to agree with Lisa… If you were truly looking out for the children then you would share what you get in tax credits… Fairness is a good thing to teach children, let them see yous working together… You both have your kids best interests at heart so please don’t let money and the CSA get in the way of that….

    My partners ex went to CSA to get more money but it backfire and now her children know she put money before the relationship they had with their father…. Which was great before she involved the CSA…

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