My ex is stopping my son from staying here so she can get more money

November 8, 2013

My ex-wife has made a fraudulent claim for maintenance. The CSA are supporting her and taking me to court. By fraudulent, I mean she has deliberately stopped my son coming to stay with me to increase the number of nights he stays with her, and thereby increasing the value of the claim.

My son is 16 and wants to stay with me 3 nights a week. At this age he can choose, so I have encouraged it. His mother is manipulating him AND the CSA to extort more money from me, by only allowing him to stay 2 nights.

I have refused to pay the payments while this disgusting behaviour has been allowed by CSA. They have said they will investigate but have done nothing. The summons is also inaccurate. They have stated that I owe money for my 16 year old AND my 21 year old!!!


  • Matt says:

    Get the evidence together that your lad sytays with you as you say he does and enjoy your day in court. Chances are they will turn up badly prepared – made sure you are on your A game.

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