My ex quit his job – his partner’s willing to pay only if he can see his son. Where do I stand?

April 27, 2013

my ex parnter was paying csa out of his wage each month but his girlfriend has just had a very unexpected baby so he has quit his job to look after new baby and made her keep her job.

They have offered to pay csa payments out of her wage but only if he can see my son. What can i do he is already in areas a couple of grand. I have a feeling that he quit his job so he did not have to pay any more as i said she has offered to pay as she don’t want my son to miss out but now say they will not pay up till they see him i don’t know what my options are.

Your advice is greatly appreashated.


  • sarah Briers says:

    Fair question you can’t have it all your own way, why get the csa involved they just destroy lives n cause debt

  • Sally says:

    I think your ex’s partner sounds like a decent and fair mother…. You should take a leaf out of her book and let the child see his Dad….. Regardless of money!!!

  • gonk says:

    fucking cheeky bitch….another greedy pwc that only wants his money

  • gonk says:

    Have to give Melinda respect for your comments. On this post you are deffo in tune with my way of thinking.
    This woman is a deffo a money grabbing skank

  • Suzanne says:

    They have removed the CSA so that I cannot afford to go and fight in court cos that’s what he’s trying to do now

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