My ex moved abroad, why should I pay now she’s back?

April 26, 2013

I used to pay maintenance for my child until the mother moved abroad with the child and it stopped. She has now returned and has applied for maintenance again. Is it the same old case of your a man so you have no rights when a child is involved? Even though the mother has managed to live in another country for approx 5 years with me not having any contact with them or needing to support them.

Now she is back i have to start paying again even though it means i may lose my house which i bought a couple of years ago because i don’t think i can manage to pay the amount of maintenance required of me as well as my other commitments. Or was i expected to live my life waiting for the possibility that she might return again. i know i have no right to my child other than to pay for it but if the mother has proved she doesn’t need my funds how can she suddenly be able to turn my life upside down!



  • Sally says:

    @ Melinda – I completely agree with Joel…. PWCs have used children as weapons for years…. NRPs and the children have absolutely no say on the matter!!!!!

    if the PWC thought more of the childs emotional needs rather than the money the CSA have told them they are entitled to we wouldn’t have these situations!

  • gonk says:

    @ Melinda Bas
    As usual you talk bollocks.. the mother didn’t seem to worry about duty when she fucked off abroad Melinda? did she not have a duty to advise her ex that he still needs to support his kid despite her not being in the country…she don’t inspire me as really being too bothered then…but now shes back expects to start using the kid to top up her income again….Anyone with half a brain reading this post can see shes just using this guy like thousands of other pwc’s and not just male.take off those rose coloured specs and see this scum for for they really are…they have no interest in the kids at….this woman has probably come back to uk and started scrounching from the state and been told you cant have it unless you start screwing the ex again with full support of the vile csa

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