My ex lives a livish life while I get £21 a month for our kids – how is this fair?

November 4, 2013

My ex left in 2010 for a whole year he paid for a van we both had that still had finance. after a year he stopped payment and took the van off me. I have six kids, I went through the CSA and have been in receipt of £21.81 per month in support.

My ex just had a lavish wedding, runs two cars, had specialised number plates made, has holidayed in Mexico twice as well as another three holidays, is renovating his home putting on an extension fitting a new bathroom and kitchen. Yet his tax return is a nil return.

So csa states my kids get £21.81 a month. I’ve contacted the inland revenue with regards to suspected tax evasion. How unfair this system is. I’ve opted out of the csa. It’s pointless. 21.44 doesn’t even buy a pair if decent shoes its an insult.


  • Kelly says:

    Six kids? You actually make me laugh out loud. I wish I could afford to have six children. Before I consider having a child, I consider whether I am able to support them financially – clearly this is something that never crossed your mind. The ex did well to get away from you. Why should he find your pathetic existence? I can guarantee that you don’t work – lazy, bone idle waste of air!

  • Sharon says:

    In reply to Kelly. I actually do work. I also did consider whether I could afford six children when my ex and I had them. I was never on benefits until he left to go off with another woman after I’d helped him build up his electrical business. Very sad when you don’t consider your children isn’t it. So before you judge get the facts. Incidentally my ex went off with a girl called Kelly not you was it? I look after my six children very well on my own but it doesn’t make it right that he pays little for them. Does anyone think of the mental anxious that the kids feel. No I doubt it. That’s why they’re selfish enough to avoid family responsibility in the first place.

  • Sharon says:

    Well sorry to disappoint you lot but I work damn hard I actually have two jobs. And I know for a fact my ex has been warning over £2000.00 per week. But the fact is I don’t want the money I want my kids to know he wanted to contribute for them. Sad that isn’t it that after 15 years marriage if faithfulness that I would any to he able to respect a man who was unfaithful. I also helped build up his electrical Business. But u know what. I don’t really care anymore. There’s no point. With societies views the way they are I just feel
    Sorry for you and your narrow minded bigotry.

  • Sharon says:

    But hey thanks for the feedback it’s helped a lot. 😉

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