My ex lied to the benefits agencies and now I have to pay

June 26, 2013

Good afternoon and thanks you in advance for your help.

I have been paying child benefit since late 2006. My ex and I have an ok relationship and chose to pay direct rather than use the CSA. Initially I was on JSA and was paying a flat rate, them as I progressed in my career this has gone up as it should. We always used the online Calculator provided by the csa to determine the amount that I should pay.

Yesterday I received a phone call from the CSA that I had £1800 in arrears to pay and I had to make the payment as quickly as possible. The csa were going to double the amount they are taking, giving me only ten days notice. I couldn’t understand how this was possible and my first reaction is this could be a scam. So I called the CSA and they confirmed that this is correct.

They advised that my ex had been on JSA while receiving my payments but had not declared them. As a result I now owe the Secretary of State £1800. I don’t understand why I should be responsible for me ex not declaring the amounts that she received from me. He simply said that this is how the law works. I asked if they could call my ex and confirm with her that she has received those payments but he said they would not do this. I said asked, if my ex was to call in and tell them that they received these payments would that make a difference? He said no it would still be my responsibility. He then said that we were not permitted to have direct agreements prior to 2008. These agreements were all ok’d by the CSA, as they had been in contact with us at the time. He confirmed that had my ex declared she was receiving CSA payments to the benefits agency (job centre) I would not be in this situation.

So it would seem, because my ex did not declare it and effectively lied to the benefits agencies, I have to pay for it.

That is the most daft system I have every heard.

If anyone could offer any advise that would be most helpful and very much appreciated. The whole thing is very I stressful.

Thanks again



  • Mark says:

    Tell the CSA to piss off. There is no way in the world that you have to pay for someone else not declaring payments you have made to them.

    If you have bank statements to show payments you’re laughing.

    The CSA make up all sorts of crap to get money. Basically because they are a law unto themselves and make up the rules as they go along.
    All because there is no authoritative body to regulate what they can and can’t do.

  • John says:

    You are obviously being scammed by a bonus seeking employee from the CSA. They didn’t mention the Nigerian lottery, did they?

    Make an appointment with your M,.P. and explain all to them. However, you should also make an issue of the ‘pressure’ that you have been put under, to pay almost immediately. The CSA have no rights whatsoever to do that to you!

    Be careful in case your ex says that you were part of her lies, which may make it appear that her lies were helping you avoid true CSA payments.

    Don’t bother with tribunals. they are rigged with bogus officials who are really CSA employees. It may be worth getting a free consultation with a solicitor who specialises in CSA cases.

  • John says:

    Also. Get everything in writing, as evidence. Do not speak to them on the phone. The staff lie and will stitch you up.

    Another point is:- How do you know that the CSA worker is telling the truth regarding your ex’s true status. Could be you are scammed my friend! Trust nobody!

  • Lisa says:

    Join.our group child support agency ripoffs on facebook, we will get you the help you.need, they are pulling a fast one, scamming you for bonus money, trust nothing and pay nothing till they put it all in writing,

  • Bonnie says:

    Not that you should pay!!! Fight all the way….. but if it ends up where you have to and that you will do so in order to move on…. remember the new law that was passed in Dec 2012. Part payment of arrears in Full & Final satisfaction.
    Section 32 & 33 of the child maintenance and other payments act.
    You can make an offer even on the SOS arrears and if they accept your debt is part paid and the rest is written off. Put in writing as csa staff are still laughing down the line saying this is not a law and it is not in place !!! Oh yes it is! Good luck!

  • Mrs Beckham 2 says:

    In no particular order I would advise you do the following:

    1. get a full breakdown detailing the ‘arrears’

    2.change your bank a/c. close the one the dd for csa come out of, then they have no bank details!! get ur other dd’s and wages paid into the new bank a/c and close the one the csa have the details for.

    3. write to the csa – recorded delivery, disputing what they have said and send in your proof i.e. bank statements showing csa payments were all paid etc.

    4. get a notepad and write date/time/who you spoke to/what was discussed EVERYTIME you get a call/make a call to CSA. All calls are recorded and that has proved very valuable indeed for my partner’s case!! I am a NRPP (NRP partner) I speak to them (had to write a letter signed by him first and send to csa requesting it) as he can’t cope with it!!

    5. IF you do end up having arrears after appealing etc, then you have up to 2 years to pay the arrears DESPITE what they tell you!! (even with HMRC you have up to 3 yrs to pay any tax you owe them!). Just tell them you can only afford to pay that way.

  • Lisa says:!/groups/204256966364149/ Join our group, we have ways round the hard things like letter writing, emails are the way forward, we have many other members who have faced similar problems, together we face these head on and thngs are changing, the bigger the voice for thnigs to change is better, if people carry on doing nothing the CSA will carry on destroying families,

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