My ex knows how to get around the system and the CSA don’t care

April 10, 2013

I originally logged a CSA claim in 2001, after years of avoiding making payment and my ex partner going self employed, my case finally went to the enforcement team. He was assessed at paying approximately £320 per week. Even though he rarely paid, several liability orders were obtained, bailiffs sent round and occasionally some money obtained. In 2010 in September my ex went bankrupt and claimed benefits. In this time he has produced 4 further children, 1 he has no contact with and 3 who live with him and his wife. I was contacted in February 2013 by the CSA advising his circumstances had changed and they would reassess him. For the last 3 years I should have received £13.20 per fortnight, I probably received about 20 of these payments in total as it was not always deducted from his benefits.

Today I receive an envelope from the CSA advising me they are reassessing his payment amounts for 2006, 2007, 2008 to £25 per week, £2.50 per week and now to a nil assessment.
How can they do this when they had his employment and self employed paperwork all those years ago and now he appears to have produced some phoney books for them.
Even when he was supposedly on benefits I contacted the CSA providing him with his new address as they could never trace him, also with vehicle registrations of sign written vans he was seen driving when working cash in hand, yet they never followed up on this information. In 2008 due to an appeal I made, a copy of which he received, I ended up being assaulted by him for what I had written. He ended up with a charge of battery and bound to keep the peace for 6 months.

What are the CSA doing? I rang last night asking to speak to a case worker and was told my case had been closed, the case worker had tried to call me (we were in when they supposedly called and no messages were left) therefore my case had now been closed and I had no case worker. I demanded to speak to a manager who when asked if the calls were recorded and if they had a legal/press office, he advised me he was ending the call. I have complained on many occassions in the past about assessments, he knows how to get round the system, also about my case worker constantly changing to no avail. Where do I go from here???


  • Julie Archer says:

    You have my deepest sympathy on this as the same is happening to me, but I got slated by men and women who are on this site yesterday, suggesting that we as women get pregnant and its down to us women who carry the children to make the decision on our own as to whether we can afford to keep the children if our husband or partner decides he wants out of the relationship. If we feel we cant then we have to have the child aborted. Also we are money grabbing bitches that are putting men through hell because we should hang out heads in shame and not expect the NRP to take on any responsibility of the children that they have helped to make. Also if we feel we would like financial help then we should let the children go and live with the NRP, not taking into account that he or she doesnt want them or whether or not the children want the same. So please be ready for the onslaught 🙁

  • Sally says:

    Unfortunately dealing with the CSA brings out the worst in people Julie and author… . It is an unfair system that never seems to help the ones who are trying to do their best by their kids both mums and dad…. It only seems to help the PWC who have ex’s who are on PAYE (guaranteed success, minimal effort from brain dead CSA staff) and the absent father who will everything they can to avoid paying ANY money for their kids… As it would mean the CSA staff would have to actually work to find the absent father).

    Emotions run high on this site as most NRPs do pay for their kids and want to have a relationship with their kids but the CSA system instigates trouble between parents by using money as an incentive to PWC…. Regardless if the NRP could afford it…

    I’m sure you will be told to follow the complaints process but I’m afraid that’s useless as well…. Good luck!!

  • Pete says:

    Bravo well said Sally,

  • Lisa says:

    At the end of the day the CSA know they have got things wrong, have you ever thought this maybe the case, books go missing to turn up years later, nobody will ever understand the way they work, but the right thing to do would be to move on and put it down to experience,

  • chall says:

    Quote Sally Long; ‘ therefore my case had now been closed’

    Can you confirm if the qualifying child on the case has ceased to be qualifying?

    Whether there are outstanding arrears that still need collecting?


    Quote Julie Archer; ‘I got slated by men and women who are on this site yesterday’

    There does seem to be a few bitter posters on here lately.
    Sadly such attitudes and unnecessary personal attacks aimed other posters giving or looking for advice with their issue helps nobody, but it’s quite revealing some people consider themselves in such a position to judge and be oppressive towards others in such a manner.

  • Sally Long says:

    Steve-g George clearly your another non paying/caring dad who doesn’t care.

    There is now way I can let go of this when they now think I owe just over £4,000 to them. My daughter finishes further education in just over a years time, unless she goes to university. However she has already made up her mind about her sperm donor as she calls him, as he is quite happy to sit on his ass, claim benefits while the likes of me pay for him to do this. He showed her its ok for men to treat women like crap and remembers the violence she witnessed when she was younger, personally I’m glad he is not in her life and went to the CSA out of principal, he is her father and therefore should provide. It’s not my fault he left me for a girl half his age, then produced another child, dated 13 other women in 1 year then married a woman and had three more children with her. He stopped all contact with my daughter when she was 10, not even a birthday or Xmas card, then when he found out I was getting married he wanted to know again, luckily my daughter worked him out after 3 visits. So to all the hard working single mums out there, don’t give up, your kids will thank you for it, my daughter calls me her rock xx

  • Gail says:

    I wouldn’t go as far as to say your kids will thank you in the end. My daughter has been moving in and out of her non -payin/caring fathers house since she was 13, now 22 and doesn’t care that we never recieved a penny from him as he has his own business (which has been booming for 20ish years) and good lifestyle and that is probably due to him lying constantly to the CSA. I do hope your children aren’t like my daughter in that respect.

  • karen says:

    Ignore some of these idiots on here. join the facebook group child support agencies failings for free advice and support which will help

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