My ex is threatening to go to CSA but I just couldn’t afford it

March 15, 2013

I split with my ex when she was still pregnant. It was on the cards for a while and stupidly we thought a baby was the answer.

We have both moved on now and both married our new partners. Our lives however differ greatly. She left her moderate paying job when she had the baby and 9 years on and 3 kids later she has never attempted to return to even a part time job. she chooses not to work and even her new partner who has 3 kids from a previous relationship has never worked. I have worked since leaving college 29 years ago and my wife also.

We both earn a decent wage but like most working families we have a mortgage and a loan or two. At the moment i do not pay through the CSA as the arrangement we have is best for us both.

However if we ever fell out my ex has threatened CSA and having used the online calculator i wouldnt be earning enough infact i would be -£168 a month once the mortgage and loans have been taken out. We have a daughter who we have to pay childcare for so we both can work to earn enough to pay our outgoings. I am worried that i cannot afford to pay csa as we would lose the house and the loans would be in arrears.

How can a system that is supposed to help families discriminate against a hard working family like ours out on the street but a scrounger like my ex and her waster partner reap all my money when i know she uses it to pay for her cigarettes and drink. I need advice badly.


  • wilf says:

    Peter:- Keep up your private agreement and avoid the CSA.

  • lisa says:

    Try and keep to your arrangement, your ex sounds like the biggest scrounger going, never worked a day in her life and scrounging partner as well, she must make you mad with you working hard all the time, the CSA don’t give a shit if your skint at the end of the month, avoid as much as you can

  • gonk says:

    as lisa says
    try and stay on the right side of this bitch..sorry, she sounds like a scumbag as does her state poncing other half..sadly even worse than the 2 put together is the csa…they WILL NOT give a shit about your life and family if they get their claws into your salary..makes me puke to think this shower of shite will happily empty your wallet in order to pay your ex and lazy arsed partner.
    good luck

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