My ex is lying to reduce his payments

July 9, 2015

My ex partner split up 15 years ago we had a 9 month old, I soon met my now husband shortly after the split, we have been together 15 yrs and my husband has bought my daughter up as his own since she was 9 months old she’ll be 16 in December this year. Her real father never wanted to know her he liked to drink more then spend time with his child. I gave him every opportunity to have contact with her but all he would say is when shes old enough if she wants to find me she will.

Last year my estranged elder daughter told my daughter all about her biological father behind my back, he turned up out of the blue at my house and said he wanted contact with my daughter i told him that he would have to start paying maintenance and that i would be contacting the CSA, he said whatever and left.He was told he had to pay 240 pm and it was taken direct from his employer.a few weeks ago the CSA rang me to say he has sent in proof that my daughter has been staying with him 3 days a week since May till now, so my daughters money has been cut in half.

My daughter cannot stand him and I know damn well that she has been here all the time.I wanted to appeal against this decision the CSA say that I have to send them proof that she has been staying with me all that time. Angry I said to them how do you send in proof that your daughter has been staying here and not at his house, my daughter is a typical teenager goes to school comes homes goes out comes home at a set time then goes to bed.My elder daughter has moved in with him a few moths ago and I think she is signing a statement lying about her sister staying there. What can I do to prove hes a liar and is just getting out of paying what is rightfully hers. I would be willing to swear under oath that she never stays there.


  • King Canute says:

    Nasty. Denying your daughter contact because of money. Blood is thicker than water. Not that you care because your daughter’s happiness is obviously not your priority. Your priority is riding the gravy train. Get a job.

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