My ex is lying about the amount he earns, and getting away with it

April 20, 2013

My ex refused to agree maintenance for our children and so I was left with no choice but to contact the CSA. When our marriage broke down, he started acting strangely, prone to bouts of shouting, physically pushing me out of bed when he was fed up of the sofa and at one point threatening to saw the TV in half at 3am – this woke my daughter who was distressed. He refused to leave, so I had no choice but to move out and take the children. He has remained in the matrimonial home paying a minimal mortgage (£250 a month) and I have spent 2.5 years paying almost £2k a month in rent.

We used to be directors of the same limited company as we were both freelancers in the same industry, so I know exactly how much he earns – in excess of £250 a day. He has convinced the CSA that he earns a salary of 14k a year – his accountant has verified this (he is also bent) – so this is what they have based his payments on. In November 2011 I asked for a variation, as his lifestyle is not consistent with this – and because I know for a fact he and his accountant are lying. They wrote to him and believed him again.

Now I have proof that his taxable earnings last year and the year before were almost 70k (dating back to the period I asked for a variation and was refused). I have also found out that he is director of another limited company that he has not declared, and has been since Jan 2011. This company has over 13k in the bank. He has also just managed to secure a mortgage as a single applicant for 300k. Yet the CSA claim they can’t do anything other than ask him to prove otherwise, which will simply involve another letter from his accountant. I have photographs of his tax returns and proof of this other company, why on earth can he continue to get away with it. I get £170 a month to raise 2 children and pay crazy rent. It’s literally criminal what he is doing.


  • smithy says:

    You are a criminal. This type of information is not publicly available so either he has freely told this to you which is unlikely or you have obtained it illegally. I would keep quite if I was you as if he clicks how you got hold of it or if you have it at all he should report you to the police and if he hasn’t already it’s probably because of the effect it would have on both of yours children of you getting a criminal conviction and possibly going to prison. If I was you I would get a job and move on quietly.

  • Batman says:

    Smithy you talking rubbish he will not report anything, to do so would drop himself in It with HMRC. As Melinda said get legal advice go via the variation application route to an appeals hearing. Also ask the CSA about him gaining an advantage by failing to provide the correct information. This will allow you to go back to the point he broke the law

  • Carol says:

    CSA won’t investigate what you tell them. If it is going to be additional admin they won’t do it.

    Your ex obviously has all his money in the company and draws down a small salary which he is allowed to do. The mortgage, was this in his sole name or the name of the company?

    You say you have £170pm to bring up your children but live in a house at £2000 rent pm. Would you consider moving house to reduce your expenses?

  • karen says:

    Smithy you know nothing! If everything was ‘criminal’ to get then you wouldnt have private investigators! You dont know this person’s circumstances about work, whether she has / is trying to find work, working or not . . . so do not judge people!

  • smithy says:

    Karen there’s a clear line between what is publicly available and what is not. A private investigator would not be able to get HMRC information without committing a criminal offense themselves. This information is highly confidential and is only available by an order of court.

    A criminal act may well have occurred here and if she was my ex I and I found out I would be calling the police and expect an investigation to be carried out over how she got hold of the information.

  • Original Poster of this thread says:

    Smithy I can only assume you are a man, and one of similar (or no) morals as my ex. You make a number of assumptions that are not only wrong, but also plain rude, which I will correct for you now.

    I am not a criminal. The majority of the information I have is available in the public domain, via websites such as companies house, you can search for a director and find financial details of all companies they are associated with based on their annual returns. So no, I am not a criminal. He however is, he has made a false declaration to the CSA and has also been through 4 rounds of court, including a full financial declaration, having hidden this information.

    Secondly, I have moved on, but I firmly believe that it is reasonable in the circumstances that he contribute a fair amount to his children.

    Thirdly, I have a job thank you. A very good one. Which is lucky, as it is only my sense of parental responsibility that keeps his children off the streets.

    So in future I suggest you don’t make assumptions, let along slanderous accusations against people, and on subjects which you clearly have no idea.

    I have taken legal advice, the result of which was that the only think I will do without incurring significant additional costs to myself is to point the CSA in the direction of the information.

    I might also add, my ex has been in breach of every point of all 3 court orders relating to the financial settlement of our marriage, to the point where I now have full legal sole conduct of sale on the matrimonial home – because unlike you, the judge can see who the criminal is here.

    Thanks to everyone else who has contributed positively. And in answer to the question about my housing costs, sadly I can’t live anywhere cheaper, my ex would make a massive song and dance if I tried to move away and so for the sake of keeping my children in the good schools there are in, and close enough to promote a positive relationship with their father, I have to remain here for the next couple of years at least.

  • wilf says:

    Try Company Check & Director Check for information about limited companies and directors. Certain information available for free. Financial information available for a fee.

  • smithy says:

    I’ve run a small business and I’ve also been involved in a divorce case and I know what information is available and what isn’t.

    If you need me to prove this to you by filing an online crime report with the met I can.

  • Daisy Daisy says:

    Smithy, by all means. I have done nothing wrong and it would make you a very sad and twisted individual when it is nothing to do with you.

    As I said in my original post, I too have run a small business for many years. I have also been through what was allegedly ‘a full financial disclosure’ – something that is sworn in court as being such, and much of this information was not provided.

    Everything I have is freely available via websites such as Duedil, Companies House and countless others I could list. They provide information on directors of companies, including how many companies they are actively directing, as well as financial information based on tax returns, such as turnover and current value. So if you really want to waste the already overstretched Met Police’s time on something that is a) nothing to do with you and b) not a crime – go ahead, make yourself look stupid.

    As far as I am aware, lying in court is a crime. As is making a false declaration to a body such as the CSA.

    I can hold my head up high, I have done nothing illegal whatsoever. Knock yourself out.

  • smithy says:

    I think you are a very sad and twisted individual for involving the CSA full stop.

    You say it’s nothing to do with me well why did you post this information on a public website you moron, that’s like saying if I see an old lady being mugged in the street I should walk on by.

    The police are there to investigate crimes it’s kind of why they exist so one more shouldn’t be a problem. Let’s see anyhow.

  • Daisy Daisy says:

    So let me get this straight, it had been 1.5 years since we split and he was refusing to pay anything towards his children, refused mediation and forced me to spend thousands on court costs, which I should mention didn’t include – and neither did I ask for maintenance for me. So I had no choice but to go to the CSA – he has a legal obligation to pay for his children – which until the CSA got involved he had refused to do. And yet you seem to think he is in the right? I think you need help.

    He has actually committed a number of crimes I could go to the police about – fraud, lying on oath, failure to disclose financial information under oath, lying to the CSA, diverting income, failure to adhere to 3 court orders…I could go on. I haven’t gone to the Police because they wouldn’t get involved, they will say it’s a civil matter, and frankly one I feel should have been sorted out directly between he and I with no other party’s involvement, but he made it the way it is. Only you seem to think that’s right Smithy?

    The reason people post on forums such as this to get advice from people in similar situations.

    And while on the subjects of crime, you have libelously called me a criminal and a moron – the former with no substantiation. I would say you are far more guilty of being on the wrong side of the law than I am.

    If you want to waste yours, and the police’s time – not to mention in all likelihood getting my ex in very hot water – when you seem to side with him – please do be my guest. My conscience is clear and my lawyer is aware of all of this and I can assure you I have not done anything criminal.
    As I have said before, I have not committed any crime.

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