My ex has constantly lied to me, now I suddenly have to pay CSA for a daughter I’ve never met

April 29, 2013

About 8 years ago I had a one night stand, I asked about contraception and she told me she couldn’t have children so we proceeded! A few months later this so called lady informed me she was pregnant and I asked if there was any chance the baby was mine, which she denied.

Over the years we had conversations via the Internet and I often asked if the child was mine, which denied until late last year. Now after 8 years she has now told me the child is mine, we have done a DNA test and she told me she didn’t want any money. That was until 6 weeks ago when I received a letter from the CSA requesting my income details. I am now being forced to pay maintenance for a child I didn’t choose to have and have no relationship with. The so called lady in question expects me to make a 280 mile round trip to gain any access to a daughter I have no bond with. She ha s been taunting me how I will lose everything when she goes to the CSA, I am self employed and was about to expand my business but now have second thoughts, why should I work my heart out so some lying woman can take 15% of what I earn. Where is the justice in this? This lady doesn’t work and is now going to live on the money I ve earned from a business she had no involvement in.


  • Lisa says:

    Unfortunatly things wont change unless we fight them, join our group to help us fight for whats right, fairness and equality,!/groups/204256966364149/
    Welcome to the horrid world of the CSA where cruelty and nastiness is there daily dish up to us normal people,

  • Melanie F says:

    get a good accountant, like Jimmy Carr’s lol….self employed and your own company submit a low income. tell her that you will ONLY contribute financially to this child if there is give and take……she meets you half way initially with the child for the 1st few meetings…and if she then says you cant see the child unless you do all the travelling, get the accountant to document all that as extra costs towards the child that YOU pay out for etc.
    Can’t believe this woman……what a b#tch.
    If there is any talking to her and reasoning with her, offer to come to a mutual affordable contribution towards the child provided she has no contact with the csa. Good luck , I do feel for you!

  • Anon says:

    You had sex with her, deal with it.

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