My ex gets every benefit under the sun – should I still pay?

May 29, 2013

hopefully a straight forward question. I pay £80 a week DEO for one child with no explanation from ex or CSA thieves, i was already paying only slightly less previous and paying extra for most my sons needs.

I have now been stopped access altogether and only since CSA were involved (typical), i think she expected to get more money and was no doubt disappointed to the outcome and in no doubt she was probably advised by friends and the CSA that she would more likely get more if the child remained fatherless the greedy bastards.

So my question is this…if the mother of this child doesnt work (legally) and claims every single benefit know to the system does she still get all those benefits and my full payments plus the other fathers payment from CSA? This would make her extremely Rich off the systems as a whole as she now has 3 other children with 3 other fathers who are all working and paying, this would mean her chosen career as a breeder is highly paid. She should have to be made to have her womb taken out in the name of theft to all who pay taxes.



  • Stephen says:

    Yes she will receive all of the maintenance on top of the benefits, they used to reduce benefits if in receipt of maintenance but then the regulations changed. What the mother earns has no effect whatsoever on the amount of maintenance she receives she could be a multi millionaire you’d still be expected to pay the rate that CSA calculate. x

  • eddie says:

    think you should want to pay as a father……. maybe not the amount the CSA calculate with their ridiculous formula….. its obscene and should be on a case by case assessment a one formula fits all approach doees not work and reeks of discrimination.

    If anyone London way wnts to join a group re this contact [email protected]

  • Gonk says:

    This is a very interesting and great post and indeed highlights the bullshit benefits system.sadly yes a lot of thes women just breed to make themselfs rather wealthy.
    My ex has never worked a day in her life.left me for a guy she was cyberwhoring with and after just 9 months after our wedding lol. This skank moves into a lovely house paid for by the good old taxpayer,has all her council tax paid for plus all the benefits and trimmings and screws me as well to the tune of £320 a month for a daughter she took away from her daddy and with full backing of the CSA .life is made soooo “F” ing easy for these lazy wonder this country is well known for its easy money for nothing culture lol.These lazy arsed cows should be means tested before they get any money,but sadly no,the fathers can be pushed into poverty and even worse and the money they robbed of each month to pay a mother who maybe wealthier than you could ever be…’s that morally fair ?
    And the skank I married even has her own mother paying off a benefit fraud debt come about by her still claiming rent from the local council for a house she no longer lived in due to her now sponging off the germans in her new boyfriends country lol…all this I know because the Germans contacted me and told me I have to pay them back because my ex was claiming benefits from them and robbing the local council in uk at the same time. But none of this fraud matters to the CSA…it’s a scam indeed….one huge massive scam where the good old tax payers pay for it.
    Some one please like this on Facebook ? Please . I hope the ex gets to read it.
    Oh one other thing ,she has another daughter who’s father has never paid a penny towards his child.i brought this child up from the age of 18 months with NO help whatsoever from him.worst still, the ex has NEVER contacted the CSA and filed a claim against him ….how’s that right…how does she sleep at night ? And she wanders why I feel angry and bitter towards her and the CSA

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