My decade of hell with the Child Support Agency

October 8, 2012

2002 – My Stepdaughter (Ella) is born. My wife’s partner leaves when Ella is 3 months old. My wife submits claim via CSA.

2004 – Ella’s mother, Ella and I begin living together – with me ‘supporting’ Ella financially. Late in the year CSA suggest £5pw as father now on benefits.

2005 – Father starts work, we notify CSA. 6 months later CSA admit to losing claim. New claim submitted.

2006 – claim still progressing, although now ‘clerical’ (CSA code for ‘huge cock-ups await you’).

2006 – Problems carrying out financial assessment due to CSA accepting a whole host of change of circumstances from father.

2007 – backdated pay being calculated, allegations that father has paid much of this in cash (not via CSA) disputed.

2009/10 – Claim finally assessed, after local MP (Mark Hoban) intervenes. £50 compensation paid, CSA refuse to reimburse estimated £300+ of phone bills due to dozens of calls made over previous 5 years. Maintenance taken as deduction of earnings £92pm+£110pm back pay for missing payments).

March 2012 – My wife passed away suddenly.

May 2012 – First claim in my name lost (although they failed to tell me this for 2 months). Second claim taken after speaking to 9 different CSA staff in 1 day.

September 2012 – found out payments still not assessed despite all details of claim being exactly the same. Advised of deadline of 29th November meaning I would have been without payments (in addition to losing my wife’s income from March) for a total of 8 months – some £1600.


  • chall says:


    I’m so sorry to hear of the sad loss of your wife and the issues with the CSA.

    Have you escalated your case to a clearly marked complaint?
    If not, I would urge to you to do so and copy in your local MP, asking for their assistance. Keep copies of all correspondence and post signed for.

    chall ~ afairecsaforall

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