My dealings with the CSA have been very stressful – I never get the same answer twice

September 6, 2013

I am fuming!!

I reported my ex husband to the CSA on 20 July 2013 and I told them in the initial call that my ex husband would lie through his teeth to try and get away with not paying/paying the least. I was told in that phone call they would contact him within 24 hours……. but it has in fact taken them 7 weeks to contact him as they are “busy”. I was even told at one stage that they have to prioritise cases……… I think the girl then realised what she had said and tried to correct it as there is NO priority? If you have a child- you deserve a payment from the non resident parent? surely there is no post code lottery for who gets dealt with?

However after many phone calls and promises, today I have been told that my ex husband had provided income details finally but they don’t add up so they will be going straight to his employer- hence me already informing them that he WILL lie about his income but as usual I was not taken seriously.

But the “pista resistance” is when they told me not to worry, my ex husband will start to build up arrears as soon as they make contact as that is when he will be liable to pay so regardless of him messing them about he will still have to pay…. but today they told me due to his “circumstances” he will not be liable to pay from then it will only be from when they have sorted out how much he earns- HE sodding lied to them about his income BUT still gets to string them along a bit more….. and they will not tell me what his “circumstances” are due to data protection? The only “circumstances” I am aware of is that he is a compulsive liar. Why are people allowed to give them details of their income? It should be taken from their NI and Tax contributions surely?

My dealings with the CSA have been very stressful and I NEVER get the same information, the staff completely contradict themselves and my son is effectively the person who is suffering.


  • Bella says:

    “If you have a child- you deserve a payment”


  • Lisa says:

    Deserve??? You deserve a payment, if you can’t afford the child and are that desperate for the fathers money, hand the child over to its father, another scrounging bloody woman, you had the child being it up, that’s what tax credits and child benefit is there to help provide for the child

  • John says:

    ” My ex-husband would lie through his teeth “……………….and some women don’t?

  • Sally says:

    And your ex should pay YOU as little as possible… he should be allowed to decide what and when he spends his hard earned cash of for his child!!!

    NRPs don’t know what the PWC spends the money on and does not have a say in the matter!! BOTH PARENTS SHOULD HAVE AN EQUAL ROLE…. financially and time spent with the children!!

  • An says:

    From the 20th July, the CSA effectively have up to 26 weeks to complete the work. At least you know they’re investigating him! As easy as it would be to take your word for him being ‘a compulsive liar’ they have to gather the information directly – how is it the agency’s fault he’s providing the incorrect information? This is why the timescale is so varied. 12-26 weeks generally is the timescale given to any new case given the possibility of the NRP not complying and providing the information.

    “If you have a child- you deserve a payment from the non resident parent?”

    If you replace ‘deserve’ to ‘entitled to’ maybe you’d be receiving less grief.

  • brett says:

    Karen Bedford……. We eagerly await your comments on this post.

  • KMcQ80 says:

    “I never get the same answer twice”

    Always, always deal with the CSA in writing not by telephone.
    If you have something in writing ands it’s wrong you can then make a complaint or go to your MP.

    You wouldn’t go into a legal contract by telephone, so why do it with the CSA?

  • karen says:

    Do you, well because Im the voice of reason, because I dont have to resort to name calling, being abusive, etc.
    Join the facebook group child support agencies failings for adult response.
    Yes we are all annoyed at the failings of the CSA but also where NRP as well as PWC play the system and do not want to support the child or just rip people off.
    Obviously I can see it both ways even though being a PWC in the past where my ex was self employed and lied but was found out by the CSA, where I got an advance payment for the failings of this. But I wanted justice which is what I thought we all did. This is not meant to be about me, but people seem to want to bring me into everything – when all I want to do is help others. Some people just need to grow up, stop being angry at everybody instead of doing something constructive with their time. Ive had threats, abusive, the lot and the Police are aware of this and monitor this now. Maybe you are jealous that I got some sort of justice – otherwise while would you persistant in name calling and abuse of people you do not know when you can only thing of yourselves. If you dont like the PWC getting money from you, then while dont you become the PWC and ask for shared parenting or custody? I wonder!

  • John says:

    The most constructive thing to happen would be CSA closure, referring all cases back to the courts. Then we will all know where we are, being dealt with professional accredited lawyers, instead of grade one office clerks in this shambolic, flawed, not fit for purpose debacle!

  • jo says:

    Actually Karen, its the fact you got 17,000 and still want more on a closed case and your children are now adults that annoys the hell out of people…yes you may call it justice, but I call it pure greed. I’m a pwc with two kids who’d rather their dad playing an active roll in their lives instead of his money.

    And if you read some nrps stories you might get a hint to why they are angry and deserve some justice.

    Haha shared parenting and custody….do you not read, some pwcs actually stop their exes seeing the children to extort more money, live in the reality woman!

    Oh and the police, some are nrps too and also hate the csa, can’t believe you waste their time too… really do have an axe to grind don’t you? You are also the biggest name caller on here so, pot, kettle, black my love!

    And all you help is pwcs to lie and commit fraud to cause heartache on the ex because he left you….not to genuinely sort the mess of the csa.

    John I agree with you 100%!

  • Lisa says:

    Well said jo, it’s about time karen had a taste of her own medicine, she is nothing but spiteful nasty and vindictive, I agree with John it should all go back to the courts for proper judgement instead of idiots unemployable elsewhere dealing with cases (people’s lives) daily and naffing things up, no wonder there are so many angry men out there with women like karen about

  • brett says:

    Yes well said Jo and Lisa. So the man hating NRP Karen Bedford doesn’t like being criticised. You really like to see the decent hard working NRP’s, drained of every penny they earn.
    The CSA are one shambolic organisation. There’s NRP’S on CSA1 paying a lot more than those on CSA 2. They’re NRP’S overpaying, NRP’S underpaying and others not paying at all. The NRP’S in the corrupt CSA system are used as cash machines and hounded relentlessly for more and more money.
    However your scum allies certainly looked after you.
    Jo is right. Police officers are one of the occupations, the CSA target. They hate the CSA and will look upon you as being fucking weary and a total waste of time.

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