My dealings with CSA Falkirk

November 24, 2010

In August 2010, I posted the following Account on CSA Hell…

In 2006 I seperated from my wife. I immediately contacted the CSA and informed them of the fact as I already had an account with them. The CSA did nothing about re looking at my account.

The divorce process started and despite numerous letters being sent to the CSA they did not deal with the changes until i wrote to them informing them that a divorce court judge had said they were of no use at all. By now 18 months had passed. I was re assessed by the CSA and a new amount was set. but they said that i now owed them £3000 in arrears. This i appealed as it was not my fault. I went all the way to a tribunal hearing which resulted in it being thrown out as the CSA had not responded to requestes for information.

As part of my divorce settelment, my ex stated that she would not persue any maintainance from me until the former married home was sold on the provision i paid 50% of the mortgage. This was confirmed in writng by the csa. In nov 2009 the house was sold and i changed the payments to my ex to the amount quoted by the csa.

Today i received a letter from csa stating i owe £10k. for non payment of the arrears and not paying my ex. they also inform me that the letter re 50% of the mortgage may not be enforceable as i may have had a financial interest in the house ( i dont live there). i obviously dispute this. any tips on how to deal with this?

Well today things have deleoped quite considerably, as has the attitude of CSA Falkirk. I wrote to my MP complaining about the above issue, He promptly wrote to stephen Gerathy the Boss of the CSA ( Who is also to be the new Boss of CMEC)Anyway, I heard nothing from my Account manager until i had cause to ring them and ask what the hell was going on. It was then, I was informed that my case was in falkirk. Would you believe it, I received a phone call from falkirk the following day stating that my account was with them as both I and my ex had complained. I said, you will see from my account that i wish everything to be in writing, and not done over the phone.

The New account manager replied “If you wont talk to us, we will just re-assess you and deduct it from your wages, we do all our negotiating by phone“. I went on to say that i had written to them 9 times of which three letters were recorded and the manger replied “We dont answer letters”

The issue of my paying direct maintainence to my ex was mentioned, the manager said, we shouldnt have sent that letter, your ex didnt fully understand what was going on (this is not the case as we were speaking then and agreed in conversation that i would pay 50% of the mortgage instead) The manager said I was our error, but you will still have to pay the arrears ( hang on, what other organisation would do this!!) he then went on to say, I know what your after, and that is for the arrears to be written off, Well that is not going to happen, I can assure you.”

Naturally i asked for that in writing, He assures me he will send it ( yeah rite!) I then asked where my face to face meeting was, as i am in possession of over 5,000 pieces of paper regarding my case, The manager said ” we dont do face to face meetings anymore” He then went on to say that i was to allow four weeks for them to look at the case.

I wish there was a TV company who would make a programme about this. As correuption is an understatement.


  • Jim Rigley says:

    Did you know the CSA dont keep acurate accounting records, also illegal!

  • Lee Hughes says:

    Got an assessment yesterday… normal formula to work out arrears is A(number of weeks) x B(Assessed Amount) = C(Total Arrears) but hang on, this is the CSA so lets keep A and B but replace C with Z (where Z is an amount exceeding the normal total and which has no relevance to it). A completely random amount!

  • Dawn Mcfeeley says:

    Wouldn't it b good if there was a whistle blower within the organisation who would do a tv show. That way the truth of exactly what is going on would come out. I have dealt with Falkirk & have 2 say their the only department that have ever made sense or got anything right. Bolton are a bunch of idiots 🙁

  • Gill Baxter says:

    Falkirk r def the best iv ever dealt with! Still not much happening but at least they have the intelligence to pretend to care! Seen on news once that in training new workers r advised to throw complaint letters in the bin!!

  • Gary Spiers says:

    I received a call from Falkirk yesterday. And the caller was actually helpful. For the first time in ten years i felt like progress had been made. The only downside was that the member of staff told me that they would have to return my case to Bolton once my dispute had been resolved. With that came a snigger from the staff member. In a diplomatic way they confirmed Bolton were atrocious.

  • Charmaine Leworthy says:

    I had my case oassed to Falkirk following my complaint to my MP abouth the joke that is the Bolton Office. Have to say, they were great. Case gone back to Bolton now and they managed to balls it all up within days, so back to Falkirk I go!!

  • Karl Robson says:

    I first contacted the CSA in May due to a change in circumstances and asked them to do a recalculation and/or reduce my arrears payments,I was told that this would be completed within twelve weeks,so I waited…..and waited…….and waited. I finally picked up the phone to chase this up fully 16 weeks later only to be told that that my case hadn’t even been forwarded to a case officer due to an “oversight”,I was then told that I would be contacted within 2 weeks by a case officer,well surprise,surprise here we are fully 10 weeks later and still no phone call.
    As a taxpayer I will be speaking to my MP to ask him how this agency manages to operate without meeting its own “minimum” standards and seems to have absolutely no means of tracking error as it just sweeps any mistakes it makes under the carpet.

  • Dawn Davies says:

    Rang CSA July 2011 to ask where my june payment was they have paid it into another persons bank account. they had a wrong digit. I have rung twice and now just written to post letter today. Still without my june payment. AS a resulte of this money not going in when it should have it made me over drawn and two direct debits returned, hence bank charges. i am pursusing this with my local MP phil Wilson. Lets see what happens.

  • mari finlay says:

    If you want help from a tv programme why not try [email protected]. if enough people contact them they may well be interested. It’s about time people stood together and said enough is enough. Families and individuals are at breaking point with this carry on and its about time that it was stopped. When people end up giving up their jobs because they cant afford to pay their bills or support themselves or their familes anymore due to rediculous sums of money being taken from csa I dont.really see how that ends up benefiting anyone.

  • becky says:

    I put in my request to the csa over a year ago they told me that from that date they had 12weeks to get back to me that was in august in december I called them they had not passed it to the correct department (my ex being self employeed and a director) ihad already given them this information they then came back to me and told me how much he was to pay on the 1st of january he has not paid any money they came to my house took photos away and told me they were going to serve papers on him they lied they talked to him and he agreed to hand in his book may I add he has closed down 2 of his 3 businesses which I also know made a profit he has changed his accountant and he has said he has no money but has bought 2 new cars has a morgage and has been on holiday he has paid no money to me and has given my son no money for extras I am a college student and live on the bread line I have sent texts messages to my case worker as the judge ordered he be removed form my housing tennancy so he no longer pays half the rent but guess what ICANT GET HOLD of my case worker his phone is constantly of and he dose not answer my calls when I leave messages I have given them names phone numbers reg of cars names of ppl who he lives with their work addresses the lot but a year on still no money to the guy who paid 50%of the mortgage well done if you have it in black and white from court if not it is classed as an extra unreal I hold my hands up and clap to the men and women who want to pay for their kids you are gems the ones who work claim benifits and pay nothing and get away with paying nothing and fraud or like my ex just don’t want to pay these r the ones whom need taken out named and shamed then we will see how quickly the csa pay attention and sort them selves out ( to the guy again did u pay into her bank as if you did show them this may help u out ) in the end its the kids who suffer not the adults !!!

  • laura says:

    If your case is at falkirk I feel really sorry for you. They are lazy inept rude and basically totally uniterested in listening to you. They have had my case for several years since it became case sensitive. I have involved my mp eighteen months ago and am on my third complaint with arearrs of over thirty five thousand. I am still waiting like I have done for most of the last fourteen years. I hope you have more luck than I have

  • trev says:

    i have had serious problems with csa belfast, bolton and other offices now for fully 18 years i have gone through the tribunal process for 3 years and a decision was made by a judge on my case which the csa have not implemented accordingly (above the law you see) my mp (g allen) for a considerable time and i was granted permission by the under secretary of state to appeal to the parlimentary health service ombudsman which you can only do through your mp as i am led to beleive so i wrote to my mp giving instructions to take this course of action and to this day i have never heard from him again (obviously no vested interest for him). if the ex wife and csa want to mess my life up so be it but why do they have to mess up the life of my new wife and her children?

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