My daughter wants to help convince the CSA I paid when her mother lied and said I did not

March 23, 2013

SPLIT FROM WIFE: I was left with 2 kids, she took the other away and kept her away from me with lies etc.

I got residency of the 2 and no order was made in respect of the other as she was 14 (child3). (stupid courts).

By consent she saw kids every 2 weeks for 2 days/ mostly less than this.

For child3 I paid her school lunches at £15 per week when inschool, and bought clothing etc and took her out after i was finally allowed to se her. My ex is lying that I never paid a penny.

Child 3 had enough when 18 and was kicked out from mother (who only used her to obtain csa) and now she has come back to live with me. I just received a backdated claim for 830 pounds.

I have appealed very many times, but never received any tribunal, my ex has complained and lied on her documents, and obtained a trubunal, which I told the truth to, and she withdrew the complaint.

I was told on the phone by the CSA that if I had paid any, it would be offset, but my argument is I have paid anyway, and so all should be offset.

I dont want to pay again, and my daughter now 18 wants to write in support of me helping her when her mother has lied i did not do so.


  • Tara says:

    I really don’t understand why the person with the kids always ends up lying. I mean ok most accounts not being sexist in any way but the wife has kicked the husband out and automatically has the kids yet she makes him suffer. I am the woman that got kicked out for a lying cheating husband and lost everything yet still being made out that I’m the bad person. I wish you every luck with your case and good on your daughter.

  • Alice says:

    can you clarify what you mean by ‘back-dated claim’ . The agency will only claim maintenance payments from when the case is applied for by the PWC and they have contacted the NRP. Did your ex contact the agency when you initially split up or at a later date – were the payments you made for school lunches and clothing etc during a time when the case was open or prior to this? If there was an active case and payments were to be made via the agency anything you paid for school lunches etc will be classed as over and above your maintenance liability unless the PWC agrees that these were in lieu of child maintenance.

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